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Aliyah Chavez standing in front of an ICT television.
Stanford Journalism alumni translate storytelling skills to impactful media careers

Dozens of alumni have launched into newsrooms worldwide

A laptop and phone with an overlay of graphics and charts
Stanford Journalism alums launch data journalism careers

Stanford’s specialized focus on data journalism provides students a competitive advantage

Stanford Journalism alumni are telling stories at newsrooms across the world, from The New York Times to The Washington Post to The Verge.

Danielle Echeverria, ’21, SF Chronicle

Danielle Echeverria

“It’s where I learned how to be a journalist … really understanding how to report and how to do it with a lot of thoughtfulness and empathy.”

McArdle Hankin, ’20, Local Live

McArdle Hankin

“It really made the barrier to entry for me into the journalism world a lot lower, and it helped me accelerate the growth of our company.”

Gillian Brassil, ’19, McClatchy

Gillian Brassil

“They really made me a well-rounded journalist. Professors are a call away if we need anything. Their insight is always tremendous, and I still rely on their expertise.”

Katlyn Alo, ’18, SF Chronicle

Katlyn Alo

“You’re working with professors who have invested in this idea that innovation needs to happen in the industry.”

Jackie Botts, ’18, CalMatters

Jackie Botts

“I feel like the program opened my eyes to what’s possible. It gave me this larger curiosity that you could do a lot more if you have the data for a story.”

Simone Stolzoff ’18, IDEO

Simone Stolzoff

“I learned the secret sauce — a toolkit to produce across mediums and the story-sense to know which medium would best serve your readers.”

Erica Evans, MA ’17, Deseret News

Erica Evans

“In general, the masters degree prepared me for a job in which I am writing in-depth stories that explore personal narratives and innovative solutions to problems.”

Carolina Wilson, MA ’15, Bloomberg

“I think as long as I’m telling a story, that’s where I want my career to be. I think there are so many different outlets for that now and Stanford has given me so many tools to pursue those outlets.”

Farida Jhabvala Romero, MA ’15, KQED

Farida Jhabvala Romero

“I got to go a lot deeper with the stories I did here because I was able to use multimedia and data, in addition to the skills I had before. Those additional tools help you become a better storyteller.”

Allison McCartney, MA ’15, The New York Times

Allison McCartney

“What I really learned about storytelling here is how to construct a narrative reported over a length of time, which is something I had never done before.”

Hear from alumni:

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Where alumni have worked:

NY Times
Allison McCartney, (MA ’15), Carolyn Zhang (MA ’16), Nicole Perlroth (MA ’08)
Washington Post
Dylan Freedman (MA ’18), Chelsea Janes (MA ’13), Thomas Johnson (MA ’14)
Marianne LeVine (MA ’14)
Wired logo
Lauren Goode (MA '14)
Wall Street Journal
Alexandra Wexler (MA ’11), Georgia Wells (MA ’12)
Bloomberg Business
Carolina Wilson (MA ’15), Travis Shafer (MA ’16)
The Verge
Zoe Schiffer (MA ’19), Vjeran Pavic (MA ’14)
Farida Jhabvala Romero (MA ’15)
Google news
Ana Santos (MA ’16)