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The 2000s: The shift to digital

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100 Years of Stanford Daily Headlines

At more than 110 years old, The Stanford Daily surpassed a century of reporting and publishing on campus. In 2003, a new book recognized the Daily’s 100 years of headlines (1892-2003).

Remembering Alumnus Daniel Pearl of the Wall Street Journal

Daniel Pearl, Stanford graduate and Wall Street Journal reporter, was kidnapped on January 23, 2002, in Karachi, Pakistan at the height of America’s “war on terrorism” in Afghanistan. Some time later, he was murdered by his captors. He was 38 when he died.

Pearl had graduated from Stanford with honors in 1985, having majored in the Department of Communication. In his honor, the Daniel Pearl Memorial Journalism Internship is now awarded annually to an outstanding Stanford student journalist to work in a foreign bureau of The Wall Street Journal.

Daniel Pearl

Journalist Tom Brokaw Delivers 2006 Commencement Address

In 2006, broadcast-news icon and author Tom Brokaw reminded graduates to be mindful of their to duty to contribute to society and to avoid turning exclusively to the Internet in his delivery of the keynote address to graduates at Stanford University’s 115th Commencement.

Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey Delivers 2008 Commencement Address

Oprah Winfrey, global media leader and philanthropist, spoke to the Class of 2008 at Stanford’s 117th Commencement on June 15, 2008. Winfrey drew on experiences from a career that began in 1976 when she co-anchored a television newscast, and she shared three lessons about feelings, failure and finding happiness.

Oprah Winfrey
Wallenberg overlook

Digital Media Entrepreneurship

Interdisciplinary teams of students in journalism, computer science, business and other disciplines across campus worked on startup media projects in a Digital Media Entrepreneurship course. Alumni from the class later went on to co-found companies like Tubular Labs, RelateIQ, Apture (acquired by Google), Socratic, Tutti Dynamics, Dancing Astronaut, NowAds and Compare Metrics.

Stanford Daily's New Lorry I. Lokey Building Opens

In 2009, there was a celebration to mark the completion of construction of the Lorry I. Lokey Stanford Daily Building. Senior Christian Torres, then-editor-in-chief of The Stanford Daily, presented Lorry Lokey with a framed front page of the issue published the day after Lokey was elected editor-in-chief of the student newspaper in 1949.

Building opening

Highlights from the Stanford Daily Archive




Faculty who taught in the 2000s:

  • Elie Abel, 1979-1986, 1987-2004, International Communication: Structures and Issues; Specialized Workshops–Analyzing the News; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Ronald Alexander, 1971-2008, Visual and Aural Communication Techniques; Film Production; American Experimental Film
  • Jeremy Bailenson, 2003-2016, Virtual People; Advanced Topics in Human Virtual Representation; Media Processes and Effects
  • Francois Bar, 1995-1999, 2000-2003, Theory of Communication; Journalism and the Internet; Communication Policy in Comparative Perspectives
  • Felicity Barringer, 2007-2008, Environmental Journalism
  • James R. Bettinger, 1991-1996, 1998-1999, 2000-2016, Feature and Analytical Writing
  • Henry S. Breitrose, 1963-1965, 1966-2015, Experiment in Broadcasting and Film; History of Film; Seminar in Broadcasting and Film
  • Joel Brinkley, 2006-2014, Public Issues Reporting; History and Future of Journalism; Working in the Middle East
  • Richard A. Brody, 1982-2008, Seminar: Media and Politics; Survey Design and Analysis; Seminar: The Preident, the Press, the Public, and Politics
  • Bill Byrne, 2002-2003, Voice Interfaces
  • Steven H. Chaffee, 1981-1985, 1986-2001, Mass Communication and Society; Intro to Communication Research Methods; Doctoral Research Methods
  • James Curran, 2004-2005, Media Entertainment and Journalism: An International Perspective
  • Jon Else, 1976-1978, 1993-2000, Visual and Aural Communication Techniques; Writing for Film, Seminar in Film and Broadcasting
  • James Fishkin, 2003-2016, Deliberative Democracy and its Critics; The Dialogue of Democracy; Democratic Theory: Normative and Empirical Issues
  • Glenn Frankel, 2006-2010, Reporting, Writing, and Understanding the News; Magazine Journalism; Human Rights Journalism
  • Jeffrey Friedman, 2001-2005, Documentary Film and Video; Advanced Documentary Directing; Graduate Colloquium in Documentary
  • Dawn E. Garcia, 2001-2016, Graduate Journalism Seminar
  • Theodore L. Glasser, 1990-2016, Theory of Communication; Perspectives on Journalism; Press Ethics and Responsibility
  • Tom Goldstein, 2002-2003, Journalism Law
  • Ann Grimes, 2005-2016, Digital Media Entrepreneurship; Reporting, Writing, and Understanding the News; Covering a Business Beat
  • Thomas Hayden, 2009-2015, Environmental Journalism
  • Lisa Henriksen, 2004-2005, Communication Research Methods
  • Shanto Iyengar, 1998-2016, The Press and the Political Process; Analysis of Political Campaigns; Campaigns, Voting, Media, and Elections
  • Vivian Kleiman, 1998-1999, 2000-2001, 2002-2003, Documentary Film Production; Producing the Nonfiction Film
  • Jan Krawitz, 1988-2008, 2009-2016, Film Production; Introduction to Film and Video; 16mm Film Production
  • Jon Krosnick, 2003-2016, Research in Political Psychology; Survey Research Methods; Communication Research Methods
  • Laura Leets, 1995-1999, 2000-2004, Interethnic Communication; Intergroup Communication
  • Lawrence Lessig, 2006-2009,
  • Azi Lev-On, 2009-2010,
  • Marion Lewenstein, 1975-1981, 1982-2016, Literature of the Press; Magazine Writing; Reporting Public Affairs
  • Robert Luskin, 2005-2007, 2008-2009, Theory of Communication; Democratic Theory
  • Dale Maharidge, 1992-2002, Reporting and Writing the News; Social Issues Reporting; Magazine Writing
  • John Markoff, 2003-2009, Covering Silicon Valley; Technology Policy
  • Marcyliena Morgan, 2005-2008, Gender, Culture, and Communication; Hip-Hop and Don’t Stop: Introduction to Modern Speech Communities; Language and Discourse: Race, Class, and Gender
  • Clifford Nass, 1986-2014, Communication, Technology, and Society; Interactive Communication Technologies; Theory of Communication
  • Beth Noveck, 2006-2009, The First Amendment in the Digital Age
  • Gary Pomerantz, 2007-2016, Sports Journalism; Reporting, Writing, and Understanding the News
  • James Potter, 2000-2001, Communication Process and Effects; Media Violence
  • Walter W. Powell, 2006-2012, 2013-2016,
  • Lynn Rampoldi-Hnilo, 1999-2000, Communication Process and Effects
  • Byron B. Reeves, 1985-2016, Mass Communication Theory; Communication Theory and Social Change; Theory of Communication
  • Howard Rheingold, 2005-2015, Digital Journalism; Virtual Communities and Social Media; Social Media Literacies
  • James V. Risser, 1985-2008, Editorial Techniques; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Donald F. Roberts, 1970-1997, 1998-2016, Developmental Communication; Theory of Communication; Communication and Children
  • Jay Rosenblatt, 2000-2001, 2002-2003, Documentary Film/Video Directing; Advanced Documentary Directing
  • Kristine Samuelson, 1983-1991, 1992-2016, Writing for Visual Media; Documentary Writing; Intro to Film and Video
  • Johnny Symons, 2002-2004, Digital Video
  • Elizabeth Thompson, 2001-2002, Film/Video Writing and Directing
  • Fred Turner , 2003-2016, Digital Journalism; Digital Media in Society; Media Cultures of the Cold War
  • David Weir, 2002-2005, Public Issues Reporting; Journalism as Biography; Writing and Reporting the News
  • James Wheaton, 2000-2002, 2003-2016, Journalism Law; Media Law
  • William Woo, 1996-2006, Newsroom Management: Problems and Strategies in an Era of Change; Reporting and Writing the News; Opinion Writing
  • Gregg Zachary, 2005-2009, Covering Silicon Valley; Reporting, Writing, and Understanding the News

In Memoriam:

Elie Abel, (1920-2004)
William Woo, (1936-2006)

Course offerings in the 2000s:

2000 - Stanford Bulletin 2001 - Stanford Bulletin 2002 - Stanford Bulletin 2003 - Stanford Bulletin 2004 - Stanford Bulletin
2005 - Stanford Bulletin 2006 - Stanford Bulletin 2007 - Stanford Bulletin 2008 - Stanford Bulletin 2009 - Stanford Bulletin

Stanford Annual Reports in the 2000s:

2005 - Annual Report 2006 - Annual Report
2007 - Annual Report 2008 - Annual Report


Books by faculty in the 2000s:

PhD Research:

Class Year PhD Graduate Dissertation Topic
2000 Hernan Galperin The politics and regulation of digital TV in the U.S. and the european union
2000 Eunju Lee Effects of number, ontological humanness, and visual representation of influencing agents on public compliance and private conformity
2000 Hye-ryeon Lee A study of issue publics: information seeking, political discussion, and decision making
2000 Christian Edward Sandvig Computer networks, real and imagined: competing visions of communication in technology design, discourse, use and policy
2000 Karin Wahl-Jorgensen Constructing the public: letters to the editor as a forum for deliberation
2001 Li Gong Pairing media-captured human versus computer-synthesized humanoid faces and voices for talking heads: a consistency theory for interface agents
2001 Elissa Lee Persuasive storytelling by hate groups online: examining the effects of narrative on adolescents
2002 Kwan Min Lee Social responses to synthesized speech: theory and application
2003 Scott Brenner Brave Agents that care: investigating the effects of orientation of emotion exhibited by an embodied computer agent
2003 Cherian George Contentious journalism and the internet advantage: democratizing public discourse in Malaysia and Singapore
2003 Lap Fung Lee Organizing deliberation as journalism’s role in democracy: comparing two Washington Post forums in the aftermath of September 11
2003 Emily Moto Murase Keitai boomu: the case of NTT DoCoMo and innovation in the wireless internet in Japan
2003 Markus Prior Post-broadcast democracy: how greater media choice changes politics
2004 Caroline Simard From weapons to cell phones: knowledge networks in San Diego’s wireless valley
2004 Kevin Robert Wise The effect of user control on the [sic]. Cognitive and emotional processing of pictures
2005 Kyu S. Hahn Modeling foreign news and its effects: the effects of foreign news on perceptions of individual countries
2005 Seema Swamy Multitasking on social networks: role of culture, status, and group memberships in computer-mediated communication
2006 Elizabeth Ann Bandy Growing up with buffy: how adolescent female fans use the program in their everyday lives
2006 Eva Jettmar Lifelike agents in e-commerce: a study of humanness in interface agents
2006 Sohye Lim The effect of avatar choice and visual POV on game play experiences
2006 Ulla Goette Foehr Media multitasking among American youth: prevalence, pairings and predictors
2007 Isabel Awad Journalism, multiculturalism and the politics of representation: the case of th Latina/o community in San José, California
2007 Nick Yee The proteus effect: modification of social behaviors via transformations of digital self-representation
2008 Brent Bannon Tell it like it is: news media priming-extensions and applications
2008 David Robert Danielson Source equivocality and claim verifiability in remote product evaluation
2008 Philip Garland Still hoping for separate and unequal: new perspectives on racial attitudes in America
2008 John Kim Culture’s exemption from free trade: a study of media’s autonomy in the world trade organization
2008 Daniel Schneider Measurement in surveys and elections: interviewer effects in election surveys, name order on election ballots, customer satisfaction surveys
2008 Alice Siu Look who’s talking: examining social influence, opinion change, and argument quality in deliberation
2008 Leila Akemi Takayama Throwing voices: investigating the psychological effects of the spatial location of projected voices
2009 Jong-Eun Roselyn Lee “A threat on the net”: stereotype threat in avatar-represented online groups
2009 Erica Reyna Robles Mediating eternity: the crystal cathedral and god’s place in a network world
2009 Qian Ying Wang Psychological ownership and ownership markers in collaborative working environment

Embedded Journalists

John S. Knight Fellows

2000 fellows
  • Katherine Ellison 
    South America bureau chief, Knight Ridder Newspapers
  • Veronica Flores
    editorial writer, San Antonio (TX) Express-News
  • Ernesto García Calderón
    anchor, Red Global, Lima, Peru (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Robin Gianattassio-Malle
    producer, KQED-FM, San Francisco
  • George Haj
    deputy metro/state editor, Miami Herald
  • Thaddeus Herrick
    San Antonio bureau chief, Houston Chronicle
  • Kawasaki Takeshi
    deputy news editor, Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan
  • Tom Kizzia
    reporter, Anchorage Daily News
  • Thomas Larsen
    staff writer, Morgenavision Jyllands-Posten, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Daniel Libardi
    editor in chief, La Calle, Entre Ríos, Argentina (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
  • Shefali Misra
    senior assistant editor, Indian Express, New Delhi, India (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Sean Murphy
    reporter, Boston Globe
  • Rita Neubauer
    Mexico/Central America correspondent, Frankfurter Rundschau, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Kim Norgaard
    international assignment editor, CNN, Atlanta
  • Zsófia Novák
    managing editor, Magyar Narancs, Budapest, Hungary (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow)
  • Eric Pryne
    staff writer, Seattle Times
  • Theo Stein
    environment/city hall reporter, Berkshire (MA) Eagle
  • Kevin Sullivan
    Tokyo bureau chief, Washington Post
  • Birgit Voigt
    senior editor, Tagesanzeiger, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Sarah Williams
    wire desk supervisor, Minneapolis Star Tribune
2001 fellows
  • Tom Arviso Jr.
    editor, Navajo Times, Window Rock, AZ
  • Jane Armstrong
    national correspondent, The Globe and Mail, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Eunice Adesola Ayo-Aderele
    assistant chief sub-editor, Punch, Lagos, Nigeria (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Ray Choto
    chief writer, The Standard, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Bonnie DeSimone
    sports staff writer, Chicago Tribune
  • Tim Johnson
    Bogotá bureau chief, Miami Herald
  • Jerry Large
    columnist, Seattle Times
  • Lim Bong-Soo
    reporter, JoongAng Ilbo, Seoul, Korea (Shinyoung Journalism Fellow)
  • Man Cheuk-Fei
    assistant chief editor, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong
  • Martha Mendoza
    national investigative reporter, San Jose (CA) bureau, Associated Press
  • Bob Moser
    editor, The Independent Weekly, Durham, NC
  • Annie Nakao
    staff writer, San Francisco Examiner
  • Corina Negrea
    science news producer, Radio Romania, Bucharest, Romania (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Journalism Fellow)
  • Judith Nichols
    team leader, breaking news & online, Arizona Republic, Phoenix
  • Clara Inés Rueda
    managing editor, Gerente, Bogota, Colombia (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
  • Sonia Seoane
    “Careers” editor, El Cronista, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Lawrence Sheets
    bureau chief, Caucasus region, Reuters, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
  • Gini Sikes
    producer, MTV News, New York
  • David Stabler
    classical music critic, Portland Oregonian
  • Brian Willoughby
    social issues reporter, Vancouver (WA) Columbian
2002 fellows
  • James Areddy
    Special writer/Asian economics, Dow Jones Newswires, Hong Kong
    Focus: Influence on global business structures
  • Farai Chideya
    Editor,, New York
    Focus: Economic and social aspects of globalization
  • Ray Choto
    Chief writer, The Standard, Harare, Zimbabwe (Senior Research Fellow)
    Focus: Global politics of human rights
  • Agnes Cusack
    Washington correspondent, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    Focus: Ownership and control of the new media
  • Sonni Efron
    Foreign staff, Los Angeles Times
    Focus: Chinese history and current affairs
  • Beth Fouhy
    Executive producer/political unit, CNN, Washington, DC
    Focus: The lives and political concerns of college-age women
  • Luz Maria Helguero
    Publisher, El Tiempo, Piura, Peru (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
    Focus: The history of ideology; democracy, citizenship and development
  • Claudia Kalb
    General editor, Newsweek, New York
    Focus: Successes and failures in medicine
  • Sheila Kaplan
    Senior writer, U.S. News & World Report, Washington, DC
    Focus: Ethical and legal aspects of health issues
  • Sergey Kuznetsov
    Contributing editor,, Moscow, Russia
    Focus: New media and mass-cultural studies
  • Andrew Lam
    Associate editor, Pacific News Service, San Francisco
    Focus: Eastern religions, colonial and post-colonial literature and Asian cultures
  • Stephen Magagnini
    Senior writer/ethnic affairs and race relations, Sacramento (CA) Bee
    Focus: The impact of imperialism and religion on culture
  • Gary Marx
    Investigative reporter, Chicago Tribune
    Focus: International organized crime and its expansion into U.S. cities
  • Alfredo Molano
    Columnist, El Espectador, Bogatá, Colombia (Senior Research Fellow)
    Focus: The narcotics trade and agrarian reform in Colombia
  • Elizabeth Osder
    Freelance editor and producer, New York
    Focus: Technology, change management and communications
  • Ian Stewart
    Correspondent/international desk, Associated Press, New York
    Focus: Economics and politics of Africa
  • Serif Turgut
    Correspondent, ATV Turkish Television, Istanbul, Turkey
    Focus: War and ethics; conflict resolution
  • Maya Vidon
    Chief photographer/Indonesia, Agence France-Presse, Jakarta, Indonesia (Fulbright Program Fellow)
    Focus: Origins of ethnic conflicts and separatist movements
  • Wang Yong
    Managing editor, China International Business, Beijing, China (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow)
    Focus: Law and journalism
  • Elizabeth Weise
    Technology reporter, USA Today, San Francisco
    Focus: Scientific, social and ethical aspects of biotechnology
2003 fellows
  • Marion Arathoon
    Assistant features editor, Economic Times, Bombay, India
    Focus: Convergence and new media technologies
  • Hannah Bloch
    Pakistan bureau chief, Time Magazine
    Focus: War coverage and official restrictions on newsgathering
  • Juan Castillo
    National editor, Austin (TX) American-Statesman
    Focus: Assimilation and cultural identity in the Mexican-American experience
  • Jon Christensen
    Freelance writer, Carson City, NV
    Focus: Evaluating conservation projects
  • Alberto Flores d’Arcais
    Foreign editor, La Repubblica, Rome, Italy
  • Han Woo-Sung
    Assistant editor/foreign desk, Korea Times, Los Angeles
    Focus: International human rights law
  • Huang Wen
    Deputy director/press center, photo department, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, China (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow)
    Focus: Mass communication and mass media
  • Mainul Khan
    Joint director, Bangladesh Centre for Development, Journalism and Communication, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Senior Research Fellow)
    Focus: Press freedom, democracy and human rights in Bangladesh
  • Jeanne Mariani-Belding
    Senior editor, San Jose Mercury News
    Focus: International business and emerging ethnic communities
  • Andrew Maykuth
    Africa correspondent, Philadelphia Inquirer
    Focus: International economics and Islamic studies
  • Julie McCarthy
    London correspondent, National Public Radio
    Focus: Iran and international security
  • Bonnie Jo Mount
    Director of photography, Raleigh (NC) News & Observer
    Focus: Religion and philosophy
  • Wanja Njuguna
    Sub-editor/writer, Nation Media Group, Nairobi, Kenya
    Focus: the role of the media in reporting on women and children in war
  • Arieh O’Sullivan
    Defense correspondent, Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem, Israel
    Focus: Urban conflict and terrorism on a global battlefield
  • Park Jong-Sei
    Staff writer, Chosun Ilbo, Seoul, Korea (Shinyoung Journalism Fellow)
    Focus: Korean and U.S. capital market structures
  • Ken Parish Perkins
    Television critic, Fort Worth (TX) Star-Telegram
    Focus: Arts and culture studies
  • Armando Rivarola
    News editor, ABC Color, Asunción, Paraguay (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
    Focus: Challenges of information technology in the developing world
  • Jodi Upton
    Special projects reporter, Detroit News
    Focus: The state of the art of educational testing
  • Jim Walsh
    Pop music columnist, St. Paul Pioneer Press
    Focus: Artistic competition and cultural zeitgeist
  • Alan Zarembo
    Mexico City bureau chief, Newsweek
    Focus: Health care and the developing world
2004 fellows
  • Azmat Abbas
    staff writer/Lahore, The Herald, Lahore, Pakistan (Hearst Foundation Fellow)
    Focus: History of Islam and history of conflict resolution
  • Gail Ablow
    freelance television documentary producer, New York
    Focus: Environmental science, policy and health
  • Barbara Brotman
    columnist & writer, Chicago Tribune
    Focus: Religion and women
  • Sara Catania
    staff writer, Los Angeles Weekly
    Focus: Mental illness and criminal law
  • Matt Crenson
    National writer, Associated Press, New York
    Focus: Non-archaeological investigations of human prehistory
  • Bruno Giussani
    freelance writer, Zurich, Switzerland (Hearst Foundation Fellow)
    Focus: Intersection of technology and society
  • Pablo Rosendo Gonzalez
    special projects editor, Capital Intelectual S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
    Focus: Latin America perspectives on U.S. culture
  • Robert Hiaasen
    features reporter, Baltimore Sun
    Focus: Screenwriting and narrative journalism
  • Kay Johnson
    correspondent/Vietnam, Time
    Focus: Globalization’s impact on international law
  • Kanda Yuki
    staff writer, Iwate Nippo Co., Iwate, Japan (Fulbright Program Fellow)
    Focus: U.S. environmental policies and government-citizen cooperation
  • Torsten Kjellstrand
    photojournalist, Spokane (WA) Spokesman-Review
    Focus: The renaissance on Native American reservations
  • Mika Mäkeläinen
    foreign reporter, YLE Finnish Broadcasting, Helsinki, Finland (Koura Foundation Fellow)
    Focus: International politics, international conflict management, security policy and U.S. foreign policy
  • Park Yong-Chan
    senior reporter, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, Seoul, Korea (Shinyoung Journalism Fellow)
    Focus: Future of the U.S.-Korea alliance
  • Olena Prytula
    editor-in-chief and owner, Ukrayinska Pravda, Kiev, Ukraine (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow)
    Focus: Internet-based communications and new media technologies
  • Barbara Roessner
    deputy managing editor, Hartford (CT) Courant
    Focus: Art and politics
  • Kelly Scott
    Sunday Calendar editor, Los Angeles Times
    Focus: How dramatic license in popular culture shapes our understanding of history
  • Lynne K. Varner
    editorial writer & columnist, Seattle Times
    Focus: Evolving political dynamics between African Americans and Hispanics
  • Eric Weiner
    Tokyo correspondent, National Public Radio
    Focus: The clash of the modern world with ancient cultures and religions
  • Bonnie Winston
    public safety team editor, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot
    Focus: The impact of race, culture and religion on conflict and conflict resolution
2005 fellows
  • Colleen Barrynews editor, Germany, Associated Press
  • Jody Bergersports reporter, Rocky Mountain News
  • Sterry Butchersenior reporter, Big Bend Sentinel and Presidio International, Marfa, Texas
  • Chen Weihuadeputy editor-in-chief, Shanghai Star, and deputy Shanghai bureau chief, China Daily, Shanghai, China
  • Denise Cliftonlead news designer, Seattle Times
  • Carlos Dadaworld news editor, La Prensa Gráfica and Director, El Faro, San Salvador, El Salvador (Hearst Foundation Fellow)
  • Sergio Davilaspecial reporter, Folha de S. Paulo, Sáo Paulo, Brazil (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
2006 fellows
  • Jo-Ann Armaoassistant managing editor/metropolitan news, Washington Post
  • Au Ka Lunexecutive producer, Television Broadcasts Company, Hong Kong, China
  • Daniel Coronellnews director, Noticias Uno, Bogotá, Colombia (Senior Research Fellow)
  • Karen de Sástaff writer, San Jose Mercury News
  • Artur Domoslawskicolumnist, Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw, Poland (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Journalism Fellow)
  • Inday Espina-Varonaeditor-in-chief, Philippine Graphic, Manila, Philippines
  • Carola Fuentesreporter, Canal 13, Santiago, Chile (Hearst Foundation Fellow)
  • Emily HarrisBerlin correspondent, National Public Radio
  • Guillermo Lopez Portilloinvestigative reporter, Televisa Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
  • Pam Maplesassistant managing editor/projects and investigations, Dallas Morning News
  • Maria Martinpresident, Gracias Vida Productions (Austin, Texas)
  • Tom Meyereditorial cartoonist, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Ivan Pennreporter, Baltimore Sun
  • Mary Polsmovie critic, Contra Costa Times
  • Suman Pradhanfreelance writer and founding editor, Kantipur Online, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Janet Rae-Dupreefreelance technology writer (San Jose)
  • Laura Rauchwestern regional photographer, Associated Press
  • Shin Chi-Youngstaff reporter, Dong-A Ilbo, Seoul, Korea (Shinyoung Journalism Fund Fellow)
  • Mike Swiftstaff writer, Hartford Courant
  • Martin TurnerAmericas bureau chief, BBC, Washington, DC (Hearst Foundation Fellow)
  • Gary Wolfcontributing editor, Wired
2007 fellows
  • Margarita AkhvledianiCaucasus program director and regional editor, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Imtiaz Alireporter, BBC Pashto Service, Peshawar, Pakistan (Yahoo! International Fellow)
  • Andrea Bernsteinsenior reporter, WNYC New York Public Radio
  • John Briggssenior editor, Yahoo! News
  • Leslie Casimirimmigration reporter, Daily News (New York)
  • Kinley Dorjieditor-in-chief and managing director, Kuensel, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Kevin Faganreporter, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Christianne Gonzálezeducation and career editor, UOL (Universo Online), São Paulo, Brazil (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
  • Justine Gubarbureau producer, ESPN (New York)
  • R. Scott Hornerassistant graphics director, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  • Douglas Kimarts and entertainment editor, Seattle Times
  • Lee Seung Jaestaff reporter, Munhwa Daily, Seoul, Korea (Shinyoung Journalism Fund Fellow)
  • Peter McBridefreelance photographer, Basalt, Colorado
  • Kathleen McCoyassistant managing editor, features, Anchorage Daily News
  • Patricia Mercado Sánchezeditor-in-chief, Periódico El Economista, Mexico City
  • Andrew Mwendapolitical editor, Daily and Sunday Monitor, Kampala, Uganda
  • Eric Schmittmilitary correspondent, New York Times
  • Dian Wei Tangdeputy metro editor, World Journal (New York)
  • Karl VickIstanbul bureau chief, Washington Post
  • Yang Ruichundirector of news department, Southern Weekend, Guangzhou, China (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow)
2008 fellows
  • Rick Attigassociate editor, Portland Oregonian
  • Denis Burgiermaneditor-in-chief, Superinteressante magazine, São Paulo, Brazil
  • John Daleyreporter, KSL-TV, Salt Lake City
  • Elizabeth Dalzielstaff photographer/Beijing, Associated Press
  • Steven DudleyAndean bureau chief/Bogotá, Colombia, Miami Herald
  • Violet Gondaproducer and presenter, SW Radio Africa (London), Zimbabwe (Yahoo! International Fellow)
  • Paul Kvintafreelance writer, Atlanta
  • Andrea Lewisco-host/producer, “The Morning Show”, KPFA Radio/Pacifica Radio Network, Berkeley, California
  • Ezequiel Abiú López Blancoinvestigation and special coverage editor, Clave magazine, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
  • Eric Papecontributing writer/Paris, Newsweek
  • Janine Perretteditor/writer, Business Network page, Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age, Sydney, Australia
  • Robert Rakipllarieditor-in-chief, Panorama Newspaper, Tirana, Albania (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow)
  • Susanna Schultzinfographic editor and news columnist, Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Daniel Sinkerpublisher, Independents’ Day Media, Chicago
  • Matt Stannardreporter, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Ruth Teichroebinvestigative reporter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • Helen Ubiñascolumnist, Hartford Courant
  • Gabor Vajdatechnology reporter,, Budapest, Hungary
  • Wang Weiproducer and anchor, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai, China
  • Rick Youngproducer, PBS Frontline, Washington
2009 fellows
  • Babak DehghanpishehBaghdad bureau chief, Newsweek
  • Pedro Doriatechnology columnist and writer, O Estado de São Paulo (Knight Latin American Fellow)
  • Jeff Eldercolumnist, Charlotte (N.C.) Observer
  • Abebe Gellaweditor-in-chief, Addis Voice/ (London), (Yahoo! International Fellow)
  • Joel Gutiérrez-Gonzáleznews director, Televicentro de Nicaragua/Canal 2, Managua, Nicaragua (Knight Latin American Fellow)
  • Andrew Haegsenior producer and analyst, American Public Media, St. Paul, Minn.
  • Burt HermanKorea chief of bureau, Associated Press, Seoul, Korea