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The 1980s: The eighties

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The Eighties

Dozens of journalists visit and speak on campus. A new Pulitzer Prize-winning John S. Knight Fellowships director takes the lead. Continued research and teaching pushes journalism forward.


Highlights from the Stanford Daily Archive












Faculty who taught in the 1980s:

  • Elie Abel, 1979-1986, 1987-2004, International Communication: Structures and Issues; Specialized Workshops–Analyzing the News; Reporting of Public Affairs

  • Richard C. Block, 1971-1972, 1974-1983, Seminar in Broadcast Management

  • Richard A. Brody, 1982-2008, Seminar: Media and Politics; Survey Design and Analysis; Seminar: The Preident, the Press, the Public, and Politics

  • Richard F. Carter, 1958-1965, 1985-1986, Content Analysis; Attitude Measurement

  • Steven H. Chaffee, 1981-1985, 1986-2001, Mass Communication and Society; Intro to Communication Research Methods; Doctoral Research Methods

  • Jeremy Cohen, 1984-1994, Research Methods for Journalists; Contemporary Media and the Law; Broadcast Journalism

  • Irv Drasnin, 1981-1982, Broadcast News

  • June Flora, 1987-1995, Mass Communication and Society; Public Information Programs; Communication and Health

  • Dennis Foote, 1979-1983, Evaluation Research Methods for Development Communication Projects; Intro to Communication Research Methods

  • John Hulteng, 1977-1986, Editorial Techniques; Media Ethics and Responsibilities

  • Leonard Koppett, 1979-1983, Sports Culture

  • Jan Krawitz, 1988-2008, 2009-2016, Film Production; Introduction to Film and Video; 16mm Film Production

  • Marion Lewenstein, 1975-1981, 1982-2016, Literature of the Press; Magazine Writing; Reporting Public Affairs

  • Celia Lighthill, 1980-1982,

  • Stephen E. Longstreth, 1983-1984, Visual and Aural Communication Techniques; Film Production

  • Arthur C. Mayer, 1974-1980, History of Film

  • Betty Medsger, 1981-1982, In-Depth Reporting; Reporting of Public Affairs; History of American Journalism

  • Jim Mitchell, 1987-1988, Editorial Techniques

  • Bella Mody, 1979-1984, Communication Theory and Social Change; Evaluation Research Methods for

  • Development Communication Projects; Underdevelopment, Media and Culture

  • Clifford Nass, 1986-2014, Communication, Technology, and Society; Interactive Communication Technologies; Theory of Communication

  • Lyle M. Nelson, 1963-1985, 1986-1998, Problems of the Mass Media; Issues in Public Broadcasting

  • William J. Paisley, 1966-1985, Social Effects of Computer Communication; Advanced Data Analysis; Communication in Science and Technology

  • Edwin B. Parker, 1963-1969, 1970-1980, 1981-1990, Introduction to Information Science; Telecommunications Systems and Public Policy; Communication Research Methods

  • Harry N. Press, 1968-1989, Editorial Techniques

  • Byron B. Reeves, 1985-2007, 2008-2016, Mass Communication Theory; Communication Theory and Social Change; Theory of Communication

  • James V. Risser, 1985-2008, Editorial Techniques; Reporting of Public Affairs

  • Everett M. Rogers, 1975-1985, Diffusion of Innovations in Developing Countries; Communication Network Analysis; Intercultural Communication

  • Kristine Samuelson, 1983-1991, 1992-2016, Writing for Visual Media; Documentary Writing; Intro to Film and Video

  • Wilbur Schramm, 1955-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1988, Communication and Persuasion; Theory of Communication; International Communication

  • Douglas S. Solomon, 1979-1983, Message Design

  • Rosalie Stemer, 1979-1980,

  • Susan Sutton, 1987-1988, Editorial Techniques

  • Jay Thorwaldson, 1979-1980,

  • Diana Tillinghast, 1975-1983, Communication Law; Precision Journalism; Reporting of Public Affairs

  • Paul Voakes, 1987-1990, Editorial Techniques; Editing the News

  • Clifford Francis Weigle, 1934-1949, 1950-1970, 1971-1981, News Writing; Practical Editing; Feature Article

In Memoriam:

Clifford Weigle, (1906–1981)
Wilbur Schramm, (1907–1987)

Course offerings in the 1980s:

1980 - Stanford Bulletin1981 - Stanford Bulletin1982 - Stanford Bulletin1983 - Stanford Bulletin1984 - Stanford Bulletin
1985 - Stanford Bulletin1986 - Stanford Bulletin1987 - Stanford Bulletin1988 - Stanford Bulletin1989 - Stanford Bulletin


Books by faculty in the 1980s:

PhD Research:

Class YearPhD GraduateDissertation Topic
1980Carlos Ponciano B. CavalcantiThe influence of group discussion and social networks variables on the diffusion of innovations in northeastern Brazil
1980Jefferson Oliver CharlesSatellite use in the English speaking Caribbean: towards a more integrated model
1980Peter Gilbert ChristensenThe effects of consumer information processing announcements on children’s perceptions of commercials and products
1980Noreene JanusThe making of the global consumer: transnational advertising and the mass media in Latin America
1980Donna Lloyd-KolkinCommunication network analysis of an educational dissemination network: the research and development exchange
1980Jaime S. OngConsumers and consumerism in the Philippines
1981Ronny AdhikaryaTransnational communication knowledge transfer and utilization process: the U.S.-ASEAN case
1981Joseph M. MbindyoSocio-economic and communication factors influencing the diffusion of solar energy equipment among California homeowners
1981Teresa Ann OddenLessons from ‘Over easy’: formative evaluation of a public television series
1981John Patrick PierceFormative research on health communication: reducing the prevalence of cigarette smoking
1981Karen A. Rosenkrantz ShapiroThe construction of television commercials: four cases of interorganizational problem solving
1981Rahul SoodNews media operations in natural disasters
1981Marilyn Diane FifeFCC policy on minority ownership in broadcasting
1982Christine Marie BachenReading achievement as a function of home media environment and orientations toward learning
1982H. Seth FinnAn information theory approach to reader enjoyment of print journalism
1982Jinnet FowlesInformed consent and medical information seeking
1982Russell G. ToddWasted words?: news releases and the making of Washington news
1982Sharon Lee StroverMaking decisions under stress: the case of adolescents seeking birth control
1983Christine BorgmanThe user’s mental model of an information retrieval system: effects on performance
1983Barbara Anne CardilloThe relationship between involvement, mass media habits, and health information seeking
1983Laurence Kenneth ShoreThe crossroads of business and music: a study of the music industry in the United States and internationally
1983Kouadjo Fasustin YaoCommunication technology transfer for development: issues from the Ivory Coast educational television program
1984Robin Elizabeth LesterEmbedding network analysis constructs in a theoretical framework: toward a theory of communication patterns in organizations
1984Kathleen MagillImplementation of urban mass transportation innovations by public organizations
1984Pedro Félix Hernández RamosSmoking behavior: an investigation of the theory of reasoned action
1985Milton ChenGender differences in adolescents’ uses of and attitudes towards computers
1985Wei-Wen ChungRepresenting attitude change: toward a structural equation model
1985John Lewis HochheimerA comparative spatial analysis of international news coverage by U.S. newspapers and wire services
1985Yong-sok KimOpinion leadership in a preventive health campaign
1985Sheizaf RafaeliInteracting with media: para-social interaction and real interaction
1985Abraham Antonio RuelasThe role of preschool children’s prior knowledge in the comprehension of a religious portrayal on television
1985Thomas Edward ShanksViewer attachment to prime time television entertainment programs
1985Nicholas Alfred ValenzuelaOrganizational evolution of a Spanish-language television network: an environmental approach
1985Nalini VisvanathanThe impact of social networks, interpersonal and mediated communication on self-efficacy expectancies for performing preventive dietary behaviors
1985Victor Charles Walling, Jr.Incorporating values and lifestyles into the theory of consumer innovativeness
1986Leslie Tarleton GoodReference to reality, social context, and gender as sources of variation in perceived models of social behavior
1986Melinda Cross HornbyThe influence of television and family on children’s leisure time reading
1986Joung-Im KimThe strength of weak ties: a conceptual elaboration at the dyad-level
1986Dominic L. LasorsaDimensions of news media use: exposure and attention to political information as a function of time, form, and content
1986Debra A. LiebermanReading, television, and computers: children’s patterns of media use and academic achievement
1986Bryce Telfer McIntyreNewspaper readership and public issues: one’s sense of personal efficacy in the face of major social problems
1986Abraham NosnikCommunications and refutations: a rational reconstruction of mass communication research
1986John Durham PetersReconstructing mass communication theory
1986Connie RoserCognition and affect in persuasion: an empirical analysis of involvement
1986Leslie Beth SnyderLearning and acting in a health communication campaign: teaching rural women to prevent infant dehydration through diarrheal disease control in the Gambia, West Africa
1987Albert Charles GuntherExtremity of attitude and trust in media news coverage of issues
1987Khosrow JahandarieThe modality effect
1987Vincent Edward PriceEffects of communicating group conflicts of opinion: an experimental investigation
1987L. David RitchieWhose congruency, whose accuracy, and whose agreement?: the influence of power and expertise on coorientation outcomes
1987Xiaoyan ZhaoSocial, family, self, and work values of Chinese professional women: effects of foreign media use, government, and traditional influences
1988Barbara Mahone BrownThe human/machine distinction in children’s para-social experiences with communication technologies
1988Diana Carole MutzYours, mine and ours: information sources, perception of unemployment and their political consequences
1988Michael D. SlaterSocial information in messages: effects of familiarity with group referent and factuality of portrayals on subsequent beliefs about social group characteristics
1988Mark E. ValeInformation structure and the information-seeking behavior of lawyers
1988Seung-Mock YangThe role of mass media in immigrants’ political socialization: a study of Korean immigrants in northern California
1989Erica Weintraub AustinLearning to put politics into context: effects of family communication on adolescents’ assessments of political news
1989Ramesh BalakrishnanJournalism and the public sphere: a study in the development of modern politics
1989Carlos Gomez-Palacio CamposThe origins and growth of mass communication research in Latin America
1989John H. McManusEconomic and technological influences on the quality of local television news
1989Judy PolumbaumOf the Party, by the Party and for the Party–and the People: China’s journalists in an era of reform
1989Sara Capri SpearsControling for exposure to intragroup communication: effects of heterogeneous social perspectives and dependence in intragroup behavior and attitudes

Embedded Journalists

Professional Journalism Fellows


1980 fellows
  • David Awbrey
    Editorial writer & legislative correspondent, Lindsay-Schaub Newspapers, Illinois
  • Linda Bolido
    Writer, DepthNews Phillipines, Makati City, Philippines
  • Larry Calloway
    Newsman, Associated Press, New Mexico
  • David Early
    Reporter, Minneapolis Star
  • Allison Engel
    Reporter, San Jose Mercury News
  • Robert Milliken
    Senior political & feature writer, The National Times, Sydney, Australia
  • Vicki Monks
    Reporter, KWTV, Oklahoma
  • Sylvester Monroe
    Correspondent/assistant chief, Chicago bureau, Newsweek
  • Harold Piper
    Moscow bureau chief, Baltimore Sun
  • Paul Raeburn
    Reporter, The Lowell (MA) Sun
  • Robert Shaw
    Tallahassee bureau chief, Miami Herald
  • Joel Shurkin
    Science writer, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Leo Stutzin
    Living section editor & drama & arts critic, Modesto (CA) Bee
  • Richard Thomas
    Managing editor, Boca Raton (FL) News
  • Susan Trausch
    Reporter, Boston Globe
  • Simon Walker
    senior journalist & interviewer, Television One, London, England
  • Istvan Wisinger
    Foreign correspondent, Hungarian Television, Budapest, Hungary
  • Zaihan Guan
    Deputy editor, People’s Daily, Beijing, China


1981 fellows
  • Samuel Abt
    Sports editor, International Herald Tribune, Neuilly Cedex, France
  • Diane Borden
    Managing editor, Bellingham (WA) Herald
  • Robert Boyd
    Washington bureau chief, Knight-Ridder Newspapers
  • Michael Burns
    Bureau chief, Baltimore Sun
  • Robert Cullen
    Diplomatic reporter, Associated Press, Washington, DC
  • Joel Greenberg
    Behavioral sciences editor, Science News Magazine, Washington
  • Katsumata Michio
    Reporter, City News Section, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan
  • Lee Moonhee
    Deputy managing editor, Hankook Ilbo, Kyunggi-do, Korea
  • Heath Meriwether
    Assistant managing editor, Miami Herald
  • Lincoln Millstein
    Assistant state editor for special projects, Hartford (CT) Courant
  • Joe Treen
    Reporter, Newsday, New York
  • Larry Van Dyne
    Senior writer, Washingtonian Magazine, Washington, DC
  • Pamela Warrick
    Reporter, Chicago Sun-Times
  • Joyce White
    Reporter, New York News
  • Rosemary Yardley
    Editorial writer, Greensboro (NC) Daily News
  • Debra Yatim
    Executive editor, Eksekutif Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Mariusz Ziomecki
    Reporter, Kultura Weekly, Warsaw, Poland


1983 fellows
  • Randy Bean
    Producer, WNET-TV, Bill Moyer’s Journal, New York
  • Edvins Beitiks
    Reporter & editor, Santa Maria (CA) Times
  • Henrik Bering-Jensen
    Freelance critic, commentator, Morgenavisen Jyllandsposten, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Fatima Cabanas
    Assistant to director of special projects, Televisa, Santa Fe Pena Blanca, Mexico City, Mexico
  • James L. Files
    Editor & co-publisher, The Weekly Newspaper, Colorado
  • Diane Lindquist
    Assistant city editor, San Diego Union
  • Dennis McDougal
    Assistant city editor, Long Beach (CA) Independent Press-Telegram
  • James O’Hara
    Editorial writer, The Tennessean
  • Qing Luo
    Deputy editor-in-chief, China Daily, Beijing, China
  • Walter Robinson
    State House bureau chief, The Boston Globe
  • Marek Samotyj
    Editor-in-chief, Przeglad Techniczny, Warsaw, Poland
  • Daud Sinjal
    Executive editor, Sinar Harapan, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Bailey Thomson
    Editorial page editor, Shreveport (LA) Journal
  • Elisabet Van Nostrand
    Editorial writer, Newsday, Long Island, NY
  • Lidia Wasowicz Pringle
    Reporter, United Press International, San Francisco
  • Evans Witt
    Director of polling and special assignments team representative, Associated Press, Washington, DC
  • Brenda Worthington
    Columnist, Oakland Tribune


1983 fellows
  • Klas Bergman
    Reporter, Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm, Sweden
  • James Bettinger
    City editor, Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise
  • Wolfgang Borgmann
    Foreign affairs editor, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Stuttgart, Germany (German Marshall Fund Fellow)
  • Glenn Frankel
    Assistant foreign news editor, Washington Post, London, England
  • Kim Seo-Woong
    Assistant economics editor, Hankook Ilbo, Seoul, Korea (Shinyoung Journalism Fellow)
  • Andrea Knox
    Reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Andrzej Lubowski
    Foreign editor, Zycie Gospodarcze (Economic Life), Warsaw, Poland
  • Bradley Martin
    Beijing bureau chief, Baltimore Sun
  • Bruce Miller
    Editorial writer, San Jose Mercury News
  • Thomas Mulvoy
    Assistant managing editor, Boston Globe
  • Lynn Myers
    Editor, Lapeer County (MI) Press
  • Mola Olaniyan
    Night editor, The Nigerian Herald, Kwara, Nigeria
  • Vaughn Palmer
    City editor, Vancouver Sun, Victoria, Canada
  • Joseph Plummer
    Editorial writer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Richard Rafael
    City editor, Anniston (AL) Star
  • Sari Sapir
    Producer, writer, director, WGBH-TV (Boston), Jerusalem, Israel
  • Edward Shanahan
    Editor, Daily Hampshire (MA) Gazette
  • Kalpana Sharma
    Editor, Himmat Fortnightly, Mumbai, India
  • Sheila Stainback
    Medical reporter, WBAL-TV, Baltimore
  • Xiliang Feng
    Managing editor, China Daily, Beijing, China


1984 fellows
  • Jennifer Boeth
    Staff writer, Dallas Times-Herald
  • Peter Carey
    Reporter, San Jose Mercury News
  • Don Colburn
    Reporter, The Everett (WA) Herald
  • Herman de Prins
    Journalist, newscaster, Belgian Radio & Television, Brussels, Belgium
  • Mary Erickson
    Community affairs producer, KANU Radio, Kansas
  • Rasa Gustaitis
    Associate editor, Pacific News Service, San Francisco
  • Arthur Jester
    Higher education reporter, Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader
  • Franzalbert Joku
    Editor, The Times of Papua New Guinea (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Kim Myong-Sik
    City desk editor, The Korea Times, Seoul, Korea (Shinyoung Journalism Fellow)
  • Mary Lee
    Specialist writer, Far Eastern Economic Review, Hong Kong
  • Margery Lipton
    Field producer, ABC News, London
  • Barbara Lopienska
    Managing editor, Przeglad Architektoniczny, Warsaw, Poland
  • Walker Lundy
    Executive editor, Tallahassee (FL) Democrat
  • Teresa Otondo
    Editor, O Estado de São Paolo, São Paulo, Brazil (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Jan Schaffer
    Business writer, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Erich Vogt
    Producer, editor, German Television, ARD, Hamburg, Germany (German Marshall Fund Fellow)
  • Gerald Volgenau
    Science editor, Detroit Free Press
  • Amei Wallach
    Arts critic, Newsday, Long Island, NY
  • Richard Zahler
    Special projects editor, Seattle Times

John S. Knight Fellows


1985 fellows
  • Christine Arnold
    Theater critic, Miami Herald
  • Christopher Braithwaite
    Publisher, The Chronicle, Vermont
  • Eyum Burnley
    Director of programs, Radio Cameroon, Limbe, Cameroon (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Dan Li
    Chief, English department, Radio Beijing, Beijing, China
  • Evelyn Fierro
    Producer, newswriter, KNBC-TV, Los Angeles
  • Evelyn Fischer
    Senior editor, Radio Bremen, Berlin, Germany (German Marshall Fund Fellow)
  • Jon Funabiki
    Assistant news editor, San Diego Union
  • John Jacobs
    Reporter, San Francisco Examiner
  • Eliot Marshall
    Senior writer, Science Magazine, Washington, DC
  • Kishore Nepal
    Executive editor, Saptahik Manch, Kathmandu, Nepal (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Carol Ostrom
    Reporter, Seattle Times
  • Charles Radin
    Environment reporter, Boston Globe, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Steven Raymer
    Photographer, National Geographic, Washington, DC
  • Paulynn Sicam
    Reporter, Freelance, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
  • Susan Smith
    Medical reporter, Rochester (NY) Times-Union
  • Kate Sylvester
    Washington bureau chief, National Law Journal
  • Nancy Szokan
    Assistant foreign editor, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Yong Shan-Fook
    Executive editor, The Star (Petaling Jaya), Boroko, New Guinea


1986 fellows
  • Eric Black
    Special projects reporter, Minneapolis Star and Tribune
  • Anwomea Blay
    Assistant editor, Ghana Broadcasting Corp., Accra, Ghana (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Sandra Boodman
    Reporter, Washington Post
  • Colette Braeckman
    Reporter, Le Soir, Brussels, Belgium
  • Lorraine Branham
    Night metropolitan editor, Baltimore Sun
  • Joe Distelheim
    Sports editor, Detroit Free Press
  • James Harper
    Staff writer, music critic, St. Petersburg (FL) Times
  • Paul Jansen
    Assistant editor, The Straits Times, Singapore (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Andras Kepes
    Deputy editor-in-chief, Hungarian Television, Budapest, Hungary
  • Linda Kriger
    Medical writer, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Stephen Lindbeck
    Editorial page editor, Anchorage Daily News
  • Jim McGee
    Investigative reporter, Miami Herald
  • James Mitchell
    Business editor, San Jose Mercury News
  • Celina Rodriguez
    Reporter, Notisistema, Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Shigemura Toshimitsu
    Seoul correspondent, Mainichi Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan
  • Jochen Siemens
    Political editor, Frankfurter Rundschau, Nidderau/Eichen, Frankfurt, West Germany (German Marshall Fund Fellow)
  • Mary Voboril
    Staff writer, Miami Herald
  • Richard Whitmire
    Pentagon reporter, Gannett News Service, Washington, DC
  • Rita Williams
    Reporter, KTVU-TV, Oakland, CA


1987 fellows
  • Moshin Askari
    Assistant editor, Dawn, Karachi, Pakistan (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Gary Delsohn
    Urban affairs writer, Denver Post
  • Michael Greenberg
    Senior critic, San Antonio (TX) Express-News
  • Mark Jaffe
    Environmental writer, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Michael Kernan
    Reporter, Washington Post
  • Lubo Li
    Reporter, overseas department, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, China (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Peter Mancusi
    Legal affairs reporter, Boston Globe
  • Ricardo Martinez de Rituerto
    Foreign staff reporter, El Pais, Brussels, Belgium
  • Ozier Muhammad
    Photographer, Newsday
  • Otsuki Shinji
    Editorial writer, Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan
  • Leonard Reed
    Columnist, The Record, Hackensack, NJ
  • Evelyn Richards
    Reporter, San Jose Mercury News
  • Allen Short
    Reporter, St. Paul Pioneer Press & Dispatch
  • Michael Smith
    Assistant editor, The Age, East Melbourne, Australia
  • Karen Steele
    Environmental reporter, Spokane (WA) Spokesman-Review
  • Clifford Teutsch
    Reporter, Hartford (CT) Courant
  • Rhea Wilson
    Associate editor, Sacramento (CA) Bee
  • Klaus Zintz
    Staff writer, Bild der Wissenschaft, Stuttgart, Germany


1988 fellows
  • Piergiorgio Acquaviva
    Deputy regional editor, Il Giorno, Milan, Italy (German Marshall Fund Fellow)
  • Paul Addison
    Editorial writer, Honolulu Advertiser
  • Kathleen Burke
    Assistant editor, Smithsonian Magazine, Washington, DC
  • Chen Hansheng
    Director, international department, World Economic Herald, Shanghai, China (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Jerzy Dzieciolowski
    Editorial writer, Zycie Gospodarcze, Warsaw, Poland
  • John Epperheimer
    Assistant managing editor, San Jose Mercury News
  • Rosario Garcellano
    Editorial writer, Manila Standard, Manila, Philippines
  • Joyce Gemperlein
    Reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Rick Gore
    Assistant editor, National Geographic Magazine, Washington, DC
  • Neil Henry
    Reporter, Washington Post
  • Paul Jacobs
    Reporter, Los Angeles Times
  • Cynthia Loose
    Reporter, Detroit News
  • Norma Marcos
    Paris correspondent, Abeer Women’s Monthly Magazine, Jerusalem, Israel (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Georgia Tasker
    Reporter, Miami Herald
  • Karyn Taylor
    Producer, ABC News 20/20, New York
  • Cornelia von Wrangel
    News editor, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Barbara Vroman
    Managing editor, The Mercury, Pottstown, PA
  • Larry Whiteside
    Sportswriter, Boston Globe
  • Yon Kook-Hee
    Senior reporter, Dong-a Ilbo, Seoul, Korea (Shinyoung Journalism Fellow)


1989 fellows
  • Ergun Babahan 
    National desk editor, Hurriyet Haber Ajansi, Istanbul, Turkey (German Marshall Fund Fellow)
  • Jeff Bradley 
    Toronto bureau chief, Associated Press
  • Gordon Earle 
    Senior producer, McNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, New York
  • Stuart Gannes 
    Associate editor, Fortune, New York
  • Tom Gibboney 
    Editor, Homer News, Alaska
  • Steve Harris 
    Day editor, The Age, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • John Henry 
    State Capitol bureau chief, Austin American-Statesman
  • Richard Hirschler 
    Editor, writer, Heti Vilaggazdasag, Budapest, Hungary
  • Anwar Hossain Manju 
    Senior editor, Daily Sangram, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Barbara Ireland 
    Editorial writer, Buffalo (NY) News
  • Michael Keefe 
    Editorial Cartoonist, Denver Post
  • Tunji Lardner 
    Senior associate editor, Thisweek Magazine, Surulere Lagos, Nigeria (Reuters Foundation Fellow)
  • Jeff Leen 
    Reporter, Miami Herald
  • Nancy Melich 
    Drama critic, Salt Lake Tribune, Utah
  • Brenda Payton 
    Columnist, Oakland Tribune
  • Ellen Shuman 
    Senior reporter, WSMV-TV, Nashville, TN
  • Luciana Villas-Boas 
    Deputy foreign editor, Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)
  • John Woestendiek 
    Reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer