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The 1950s: The fifties

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The Fifties

The mid-century saw journalist lectures, radio reporting and new journalism opportunities for students.

Highlights from the Stanford Daily Archive













Faculty who taught in the 1950s:

  • J. Stacy Adams, 1958-1959

  • Bruce Bliven, 1957-1960

  • James Everett Brinton, 1953-1965, Advertising and Media Research; Media and Opinion Management; Legal Aspects of Journalism

  • Richard F. Carter, 1958-1965, 1985-1986, Content Analysis; Attitude Measurement

  • Roy Earnest Carter Jr, 1953-1954, Editorial Techniques

  • Henry Lloyd Churchill, 1950-1959, Procedures in Advertising; Forms of Journalistic Writing; Business Management

  • Frank R. Clarvoe, 1939-1952

  • Robert Charles Connell, 1950-1952

  • Wayne Allen Danielson, 1956-1957

  • Paul John Deutschmann, 1954-1955, 1959-1960, Reporting of Public Affairs; Media of Mass Communication; Theory of Communication

  • Alex Edelstein, 1959-1960, History of Anglo-American Journalism; International Communication

  • Ralph N. Haber, 1958-1959

  • Raymond D. Lawrence, 1936-1937, 1938-1941, 1946-1951, Seminar: Society and mass communication; Techniques in Propaganda; Investigative Methods in Journalism

  • Clarence R. Lindner, 1939-1952

  • Norman McKown, 1958-1959

  • Thomas Minton Newell, 1941-1943, 1945-1948, 1949-1953, Mechanics of Publishing; Editorial Techniques; Seminar: Experimental Editorial Techniques

  • Robert M. Pockrass, 1955-1956, Editorial Techniques; Reporting of Public Affairs

  • Merrill Ernest Samuelson, 1959-1963, Editorial Techniques; Mechanics of Publishing; Introduction to Media Research

  • Wilbur Schramm, 1955-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1988, Communication and Persuasion; Theory of Communication; International Communication

  • Paul Clifford Smith, 1939-1952

  • Clifford Francis Weigle, 1934-1949, 1950-1970, 1971-1981, News Writing; Practical Editing; Feature Article

Course offerings in the 1950s:

1950 - Stanford Bulletin1951 - Stanford Bulletin1952 - Stanford Bulletin1953 - Stanford Bulletin1954 - Stanford Bulletin
1955 - Stanford Bulletin1956 - Stanford Bulletin1957 - Stanford Bulletin1958 - Stanford Bulletin1959 - Stanford Bulletin


Books by faculty in the 1950s:

PhD Research:


Class YearPhD GraduateDissertation Topic
1956John Paul DeutschmannThe relationship between interest and perception of headline-type stimuli
1957Wayne A. DanielsonEffects of word frequency, word length, and grammatical probability on perception and immediate recall of words
1957Kay HerbertDesign and attempted validation of a disguised, multiple-choice “pessimism” scale
1957Reuben MehlingAttitude changing effect of verbal and non-verbal elements in selected news and photo combinations
1959Jack LyleCommunication, political organization, productivity, and morale in small task-groups