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The 1970s: Press freedoms tested

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Stanford Daily in the Spotlight

All eyes on the Supreme Court who argued Zurcher v. Stanford Daily.


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Zurcher v. Stanford Daily

After the Stanford Daily was suspected of having pictures of a 1971 campus medical center demonstration, police searched the newsroom for evidence. The Daily filed a suit claiming the warrants were unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court argued Zurcher v. Stanford Daily in 1978 but the court ruled against the Daily. However two years later, Congress passed the Privacy Protection Act of 1980, which protected journalists and their work from government officials.

Police Search Stanford Daily Offices

Armed with a search warrant, Palo Alto police searched photographic files, desks, and stacks of old newspapers at The Stanford Daily for photographic evidence of a April 9, 1971 hospital sit-in.

Highlights from The Stanford Daily Archive



Faculty who taught in the 1970s:

  • Elie Abel, 1979-1986, 1987-2004, International Communication: Structures and Issues; Specialized Workshops–Analyzing the News; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Ronald Alexander, 1971-2008, Visual and Aural Communication Techniques; Film Production; American Experimental Film
  • John Austin, 1978-1979, Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Julian Blaustein, 1973-1995, Writing for Film and Broadcasting; Visual and Aural Communication Techniques; Writing for the Visual Media
  • Richard C. Block, 1971-1972, 1974-1983, Seminar in Broadcast Management
  • Chilton Rowlette Bush, 1933-1972, Practical Reporting; Practical Editing; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Matilda Butler-Paisley, 1974-1976, Images, Media, and the Construction of Reality
  • Douglass Cater Jr, 1972-1979, Public Policy toward the Mass Media
  • Cedric C. Clark, 1970-1975, Social Psychology of Race and Communication; Race, Communication, and Behavior; Research in Race and Communication
  • Don H. Coombs, 1968-1973,
  • Patrick Crowley, 1976-1978, Film Production; Writing for Film; Seminar in Film and Broadcasting
  • Ricardo Diaz, 1971-1972, Writing for Film and Broadcasting
  • Don C. Dodson, 1971-1978, Grassroots Reporting; Mass Communication in Developing Nations; The New Journalism
  • Dan G. Drew, 1973-1975, Broadcast News; Reporting of Public Affairs; Processes and Effects of Communication
  • Jon Else, 1976-1978, 1993-2000, Visual and Aural Communication Techniques; Writing for Film, Seminar in Film and Broadcasting
  • Dennis Foote, 1979-1983, Evaluation Research Methods for Development Communication Projects; Intro to Communication Research Methods
  • G. Ray Funkhouser, 1970-1971,
  • David L. Grey, 1968-1973, Economics of Mass Media; Analysis of Documentary Evidence; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Robert C. Hornik, 1974-1978, Intro to Communication Research Methods; Social Effects of the Mass Media Among Adults; Evaluative Research Methods for Mass Media Projects in Developing Countries
  • John Hulteng, 1977-1986, Editorial Techniques; Media Ethics and Responsibilities
  • David B. Jones, 1975-1976, Film Production; Writing for Film
  • Leonard Koppett, 1979-1983, Sports Culture
  • Steven Kovacs, 1973-1977, American Screenwriting; Russian Revolutionary Cinema; Third World Cinema
  • Aimee D. Leifer, 1968-1971, Developmental Communication
  • Marion Lewenstein, 1975-1981, 1982-2016, Literature of the Press; Magazine Writing; Reporting Public Affairs
  • Thomas Martin, 1972-1974, Introduction to Information Science
  • Arthur C. Mayer, 1974-1980, History of Film
  • John Mayo, 1972-1978, Communication Theory and Social Change; Communication Media and Social Change
  • Emile McAnany, 1972-1978, Educational Technology in Developing Countries; Evaluative Research Methods for Mass Media Project in Developing Countries; Communication Media and Social Change
  • Colin Mick, 1972-1975, Computer Analysis of Communication Research Data
  • Bella Mody, 1979-1984, Communication Theory and Social Change; Evaluation Research Methods for Development Communication Projects; Underdevelopment, Media and Culture
  • Edwin B. Parker, 1963-1969, 1970-1980, 1981-1990, Introduction to Information Science; Telecommunications Systems and Public Policy; Communication Research Methods
  • Templeton Peck, 1963-1975,
  • Michael L. Ray, 1971-1994, Application of Communication Theory and Research to Persuasive Campaign Strategies; Marketing and the Public Sector; Management of Advertising Communications
  • Donald F. Roberts, 1970-1997, 1998-2016, Developmental Communication; Theory of Communication; Communication and Children
  • Everett M. Rogers, 1975-1985, Diffusion of Innovations in Developing Countries; Communication Network Analysis; Intercultural Communication
  • Kris Samuelson, 1976-1978, Visual and Aural Communication Techniques; Writing for Film; Seminar in Film and Broadcasting
  • Wilbur Schramm, 1955-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1988, Communication and Persuasion; Theory of Communication; International Communication
  • Jean Louis Servan-Schreiber, 1971-1972, Emerging Problems in Publishing
  • Jack Silvey, 1978-1979, Editorial Techniques
  • Steven Simmons, 1976-1977, Film Aesthetics
  • Douglas S. Solomon, 1979-1983, Message Design
  • Edward J. Sondik, 1973-1976, Applications of Information Science in Health
  • Rosalie Stemer, 1979-1980,
  • Kenneth N. Stewart, 1932-1934, 1968-1969, 1974-1978, News Writing; Copy Reading; American Journalism
  • Jay Thorwaldson, 1979-1980,
  • Diana Tillinghast, 1975-1983, Communication Law; Precision Journalism; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Janet K. Voelker, 1966-1970, Writing for Broadcasting and Film; Broadcast Communication
  • Clifford Francis Weigle, 1934-1949, 1950-1970, 1971-1981, News Writing; Practical Editing; Feature Article
  • Charles D. Whitney, 1975-1976, Reporting of Public Affairs

In Memoriam:

Chilton Bush, (1896–1972) 

Course offerings in the 1970s:

1970 - Stanford Bulletin 1971 - Stanford Bulletin 1972 - Stanford Bulletin 1973 - Stanford Bulletin 1974 - Stanford Bulletin
1975 - Stanford Bulletin 1976 - Stanford Bulletin 1977 - Stanford Bulletin 1978 - Stanford Bulletin 1979 - Stanford Bulletin


Books by faculty in the 1970s:

PhD Research:

Class Year PhD Graduate Dissertation Topic
1970 Natan Katzman The effects of uncertainty and choice points on cognitive processing
1970 Emile G. McAnany Cross-cultural cognitive development: two experiments in stimulus mode presentation
1971 W. Andrew Collins Effects of temporal spacing on children’s comprehension and behavior following exposure to media violence
1971 Daniel Edward Garvey, Jr. Social control in the television newsroom
1971 Junichi Kawashima Television viewing and occupational knowledge among Japanese children
1971 John K. Mayo Educational reform and the dilemma of student aspirations: the case of El Salvador
1971 Drury Ridgway Sherrod Attribution of causal responsibility for behavior in actors and observers
1971 Peter M. Sandman Eco-pornography: environmental advertising and advertising acceptance in the San Francisco Bay area
1972 Elizabeth Root Blackmer Skill in language: a study of information processing in the production of speech
1972 Gary Caldwell Lawrence Media effects in congressional election campaigns
1972 Douglas Clovis Hall The effect of eye movements on the recall of information with visual imagery
1972 Colin K. Mick Information seeking style in medicine
1972 Bernadette Anita Nelson Shapiro Effects of race and sex role stereotyping on acceptance of and learning from occupational role models
1972 Frank Allen Philpot The San Francisco broadcasting market: an examination of the problem of “quality” in broadcasting
1972 David M. Rubin Reporting the corporate state: adversarity, freedom of information, public utilities, and the press
1972 Peter David Shapiro Networking in cable television: analysis of present practices and future alternatives
1972 Linda Anne Sikorski Information seeking strategies for decision-making in a particular kind of choice situation
1973 Robert C. Hornik Mass media participation and modernization: a causal analysis
1973 David B. Sachsman Public relations influence on environmental coverage in the San Francisco Bay area
1973 Peter L. Spain A report on the system of Radioprimaria in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico
1974 Trevor R. Brown The financing of public television, 1966-1972
1974 Thomas Hughes Martin A proposed ideology and methodology for the critical information scientist
1975 Mary Margaret Connors Video technology in the courts: the effects on jurors
1975 Osvaldo Nestor Kreimer Telecommunications in medicine: interactive satellite radio for health care in village Alaska
1975 Susan Krieger Cooptation: a history of a radio station
1975 David G. Markle The development of a methology of formative evaluation
1976 Pasqual Dean Chavers Social structure and the diffusion of innovations: a network analysis
1976 Emmett Coleridge Lampkin Adolescent television use as a possible socialization agent: a cross-cultural comparison
1976 Dennis R. Foote A case study evaluation of a satellite video telemedicine project in rural Alaska
1976 Oscar H. Gandy Instructional technology: the reselling of the Pentagon: an examination of a subsidy for the capitalization of education
1976 Félix Gutiérrez Spanish-language radio and Chicano internal colonialism
1976 D. B. Jones The national film board of Canada: the development of its documentary achievement
1976 R. Bruce McKay The CBC and the public: management decision making in the English television service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1970-1974
1976 Susan Heilmann Miller Congress and the news media: coverage, collaboration and agenda-setting
1976 Joyce Donovan Nash The problem of dropout from treatment for obesity
1976 John Elliott Polich Mass media accountability and management: how executives define decision factors in the American newsroom
1976 Marc Uri Porat The Information Economy
1976 William D. Richards A coherent systems methodology for the analysis of human communication systems
1976 Jorge Reina Schement Primary Spanish language radio as a function of internal colonialism: patterns of ownership and control
1976 Leonard L. Sellers Investigative reporting: methods and barriers
1977 Kwame Nyerere Bowmani Black television and domestic colonialism
1977 Jesse Michael Caton The integrated computer database as a medium for the management and access of textual information
1977 David M. Dozier Communication networks and the role of thresholds in the adoption of innovations
1977 Jean Charles Michel Guite Requiem for rabbit ears: cable television policy in Canada
1977 L. Theresa Silverman The effects of Sesame Street programming on the cooperative behavior of young children
1977 Michael Esteban Soriano Minority activism and media access: an analysis of community participation in policy, programming and production
1978 Rina Alcalay Providers and receivers: a mutual model of communication
1978 James F. Larson America’s window on the world: U.S. network television coverage of international affairs 1972-1976
1978 Jeremiah O’Sullivan-Ryan Rural development programs and the problem of marginality in the western highlands of Guatemala
1978 Michael E. Pacanowsky Toward a communication theory of organization
1978 William Thomas Slater The White House press corps during the Ford administration
1978 Douglas Solomon Media sensitization: the impact of televised public service announcements about heart disease prevention on salience, uncertainty, and information seeking
1978 Armando Valdez Socialization influences of television commercials on preschool-age children
1979 Janice Marie Bleil A generalized computer-based audiovisual authorship system to support design, construction, and maintenance of audio-digital instructional products for interactive computing
1979 Eduardo Contreras-Budge Communication, rural modernity and structural constraints
1979 Timothy Robinson Haight The mass media and presidential popularity, 1961-1976
1979 Andrew P. Hardy The role of the telephone in economic development
1979 Dorothy Leonard-Barton Diffusion of energy conserving practices among California homeowners
1979 Georg Lindsey An analytic model for assessing the information orientation and behavior of scientists and engineers
1979 Jorge Schnitman The Argentine film industry: a contextual study
1979 Russell Leon Stockard The social construction of television in the public interest

Embedded Journalists

Professional Journalism Fellows

1970 fellows
  • Robert Anderson 
    Wire desk, city-state news coordinator, The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY
  • Bernie Bookbinder 
    General assignment reporter, Newsday, Garden City, NY
  • David Fausch 
    Pittsburgh bureau manager, Business Week
  • Merrit Firmin 
    Managing editor, Delta Democrat-Times, Greenville, MS
  • Stanley Friedman 
    Public affairs writer/producer, WOR-TV (RKO General Broadcasting), New York
  • David Hess 
    Reporter, Akron (OH) Beacon-Journal
  • Howard Junker 
    Associate features editor, Newsweek, New York
  • George Kennedy 
    Reporter, Miami Herald
  • Kent MacDougall 
    Staff reporter, Wall Street Journal, New York
  • Robert Mellis 
    News editor, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY
  • Robert Mullin 
    Copy editor, Los Angeles Times
  • Robert Nemeth 
    Editorial writer, Worcester (MA) Telegram & The Evening Gazette
  • Frank Rutter 
    Editorial writer, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Jon Senderling 
    Staff reporter, News-Journal, Wilmington, DE
  • Bill Sieverling 
    Reporter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • William Wehrman 
    TV reporter, KMOX-TV (CBS), St. Louis, MO
  • June VanLeer Williams 
    Feature writer, Cleveland Call & Post
1971 fellows
  • Jess Cook 
    Correspondent, Time, Inc., Washington, DC
  • Arthur Cooper 
    Associate editor, Newsweek Magazine, New York
  • Dong Ho Van 
    Publisher, Quyet Tien Daily, Saigon, Vietnam
  • Rush Greenlee 
    Reporter, KQED-TV, San Francisco
  • Milton Hansen 
    Reporter, rewrite, Chicago Today
  • Svennik Hoyer 
    Political writer, Institute for Press Research, Oslo, Norway
  • Jon Kamman 
    Investigative reporter, Tucson (AZ) Daily Citizen
  • Kim Sangjin 
    Political desk, Hancook Ilbo, Seoul, Korea
  • David Kuhn 
    Staff writer, Minneapolis Tribune
  • Gerald O’Connor 
    Reporter, columnist, The Berkshire (MA) Eagle
  • Terrence Sattoria 
    Assistant city editor, Long Beach (CA) Independent-Press-Telegram
  • Paul Schatt 
    City Hall reporter & columnist, Arizona Republic
  • Michael B. Smith 
    Editorial writer, Dayton (OH) Daily News
  • Scott B. Smith 
    First assistant national editor, The Washington Star
  • George Stroud 
    Assistant editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Richard Zander 
    Political writer, Newsday Inc., New York
1972 fellows
  • Mohammad Kazem Ahang 
    Editor, Afganistan (magazine)
  • Gene Ayres 
    Investigative reporter, Oakland (CA) Tribune
  • David Dow 
    Capitol correspondent, McClatchy Broadcasting, Washington
  • Frank Emblen 
    Copy editor, The New York Times
  • Sonny Ismail 
    Senior sub-editor, Hongkong Standard, Hong Kong
  • Inger Lise Klausen 
    Reporter, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Eduardo Rañosa 
    News director for radio, Radio Mindanao, Manila, Philippines
  • Joseph Rice 
    Politics writer, Akron (OH) Beacon Journal
  • Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber 
    Former president, L’Express, Paris, France
  • John C. Thomas 
    City editor, Boston Globe
  • Frieda Williamson 
    News writer, NBC News, Chicago
  • Wilford Thorne 
    Acting Capitol correspondent, Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise
1973 fellows
  • Corrie Anders 
    Reporter, Washington Evening Star
  • Gail Bensinger 
    Reporter, Congressional Quarterly, Washington, DC
  • Bruce Benson 
    Science writer, Honolulu Advertiser
  • Christopher Cory 
    National education correspondent, Time, New York
  • Wilfredo Espaldon 
    News supervisor, Associated Broadcasting Corp., Philippines
  • Alexandre Gambirasio 
    Deputy chief editor, Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil
  • William Greenburg 
    Environmental and science editor, Nashville Tennessean
  • Charles Hammer 
    Reporter, Kansas City Star
  • Thomas Harris 
    Environmental writer, San Jose Mercury News
  • Roberta Hornig 
    National environmental reporter, Washington Star
  • Mohammad Ibrahim 
    Sub-editor, Kabul Times, Afganistan
  • Fikri Jufri 
    Economics editor, Tempo, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Silvio Lancellotti 
    Editor of science, environment, cities, behavior section, VEJA (magazine), São Paulo, Brazil
  • Kurt Luedtke 
    Assistant executive editor, Detroit Free Press
  • Edwin Mauel 
    Night editor, San Bernadino (CA) Sun
  • Michael Morrison 
    Washington correspondent, McGraw-Hill Publications
  • David Nathan 
    City Hall reporter, St. Louis Globe-Democrat
  • John Oravets 
    Wire editor, Minneapolis Star
  • Eliot Porter 
    Environmental reporter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Yoshida Toshitaka 
    Foreign affairs reporter, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan
1974 fellows
  • Thomas Brown 
    Associate editor, Anchorage Daily News
  • John Cashman 
    Day city editor, Newsday, New York
  • John Dart 
    Religion writer, Los Angeles Times
  • John de Yonge 
    Environmental writer, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • Edward DeLong 
    Chief Pentagon correspondent, United Press International, Washington, DC
  • Kevin Hall 
    Education writer, The Record, Hackensack, NJ
  • Aristides Katoppo 
    Assistant publisher, Sinar Harapan, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Janerik Larsson 
    Deputy political editor, Sydsvenska Dagbladet Snallposten, Stockholm, Sweden
  • John Machacek 
    Environmental writer, Rochester (NY) Times-Union
  • Burhan Magenda 
    Deputy editor & chief editorial writer, Harian Kami, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Garrett Ray 
    Editor & publisher, Littleton (CO) Independent & Arapahoe Herald
  • James Risser 
    Reporter, Des Moines (IA) Register
  • Donald Robinson 
    Associate editor, Eugene (OR) Register & Guard
  • Tomie Ryoji 
    Sub-city news editor, Chunichi Shimbun, Nagoya, Japan
  • Peter Schrag 
    Freelance writer, California
  • James Shoop 
    Investigative reporter, Minneapolis Star
  • Michael Toner 
    Environmental writer, The Miami Herald
  • Daniel Van Atta 
    Environmental writer, The Courier-News, New Jersey
  • James Wargo 
    Detroit bureau chief, McGraw-Hill News
  • Shirley Williams 
    Book editor, Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal & Times
1975 fellows
  • Dave Bonner
    Editor & publisher, Powell (WY) Tribune
  • George Goodman
    Reporter, New York Times
  • John Hollahan
    Public affairs director, WWVT Public TV, West Virginia
  • Joseph Karimi
    Editor, reporter, Daily Nation, Nyeri, Kenya
  • Howard Lett
    News & public affairs director, WJDX-FM, Jackson, MS
  • William MacKaye
    Religion editor, Washington Post
  • Fred McCormack
    Environment editor, Sarasota (FL) Herald-Tribune
  • Lynne Millar
    Editor, Houston Post
  • Susan Nelson
    Articles editor & writer, Chicago Tribune Magazine
  • Robert Olmos
    Reporter, Portland Oregonian
  • Wiktor Osiatynski
    Deputy chief of science & culture section, Kultura, Warsaw, Poland
  • Achmad Zen Purba
    Editor, Tempo, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • James Savage
    Investigative reporter, Miami Herald
  • Richard Schneider
    Environment/energy writer, Rocky Mountain (CO) News
  • Eric Tait
    Foreign assignment editor, ABC News, New York
  • Robert Trounson
    Managing editor, Los Angeles Times
  • George Wells
    Special assignment reporter, The Commercial, Arkansas
  • James Willse
    News editor, Associated Press, New York
  • Steven Wynkoop
    Staff writer, The Denver Post
  • Arthur Zich
    Associate editor for national affairs, Newsweek Magazine, New York
1976 fellows
  • Sybil Baker
    Reporter, New York Daily News
  • Stephen Bouser
    Associate editor, News Herald, North Carolina
  • Tony Barnard
    Photographer, Los Angeles Times
  • Sig Gissler
    Editorial writer, Milwaukee Journal
  • John Haile
    Political reporter, The Tennessean
  • Barbara Hastings
    Reporter, Trenton (NJ) Times Newspapers
  • Deeptha Leelarathna
    Foreign news editor, Times of Ceylon, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • William Mansfield
    Capitol bureau chief, Miami Herald
  • Daryl McKee
    Energy editor, Amarillo (TX) Globe-News
  • Maryanne McNellis
    Correspondent, Business Week Magazine, Los Angeles
  • Sharon Dirlam
    County government reporter, News-Press, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Grayson Mitchell
    Associate editor, Ebony & Jet Magazines, Washington, DC
  • Charles Mitchelmore
    Freelance writer, Vienna, Austria
  • Joab Odero
    Principal reporter, The Nation, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Marcie Rasmussen
    Environmental writer, Monterey (CA) Peninsula-Herald
  • Bernie Shellum
    Political reporter, Minneapolis Tribune
  • Carolyn Susman
    Energy and environment reporter, New Haven (CT) Register
  • James Vesely
    Managing editor, Paddock Publications
  • Krzysztof Wojna
    Deputy foreign affairs editor, Polish Television, Warsaw, Poland
1977 fellows
  • Paul Andrews
    Energy/environment reporter, Seattle Times
  • Frank Ashley
    Reporter, Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal
  • Claude-Jean Bertrand
    Writer, author, Paris, France
  • David Corcoran
    Editorial writer, Bergen Record, New Jersey
  • Rob Elder
    Special projects writer, Miami Herald
  • Richard Foster
    Editorial writer, Chicago Sun-Times
  • Lawrence Gardner
    Editor, Idaho Free Press
  • James Harper
    Reporter, Detroit Free Press
  • Stan Isaacs
    Columnist, Newsday, New York
  • Paul Jablow
    Education reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Robert Locke
    Newsman, Associated Press, New Mexico
  • Kay Mills
    Reporter, Newhouse News Service, Washington, DC
  • Russell Skelton
    Defense & foreign affairs reporter, The Age, North Melbourne, Australia
  • Nicholas Snow
    General assignment reporter, Deseret News, Salt Lake City
  • Jozsef Szaszi
    Deputy foreign editor, Magyar Hirlap, Budapest, Hungary
  • Denise Tabet
    Public affairs producer, WHA-TV, Madison, WI
  • Solveig Torvik
    Consumer affairs reporter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • Maciej Wierzynski
    Deputy editor, Kultura Weekly, Warsaw, Poland
  • John Wolcott
    Business editor, The Everett (WA) Herald
  • James Worsham
    Education reporter, Boston Globe
1978 fellows
  • Jerry Ackerman
    Environmental/energy writer, Boston Globe
  • Gila Berkowitz
    Freelance writer, New York
  • LaBarbara Bowman
    Reporter, Washington Post
  • James Carnes
    Columnist & editor, Charleston (WV) Gazette
  • Jack Cox
    Assistant city editor, Denver Post
  • Jack Davis
    Reporter, New Orleans States-Item
  • Warief Djajanto
    Reporter, KNI News Service, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Kenneth Friedlein
    Capitol correspondent, Winston-Salem Journal
  • Bruce Handler
    Correspondent, Newsweek & The Washington Post, Niteroi, Brazil
  • Jack Horan
    Energy/consumer reporter, Charlotte (NC) Observer
  • Kim Byung-Moo
    Foreign news representative, Hankook Ilbo, Seoul, Korea
  • Steve Lovejoy
    Energy/environment reporter, Wisconsin State Journal
  • Michael Reilly
    Canadian news editor, Reuters
  • Joann Rhetts
    Theater/film critic, Columbia (MD) Flier
  • William Ritz
    Reporter, Associated Press, Denver, CO
  • Birgit Rostrup
    Journalist, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Guillermo Rovzar
    Televisa, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico
  • James Sellars
    Associate editor, Tulsa (OK) Tribune
  • Rosalie Stemer
    Assistant news editor, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Douglas Stone
    Reporter, Minneapolis Tribune
  • Ewa Zadrzynska
    Editor, Polityka Weekly, Warsaw, Poland
  • Barry Zwick
    News editor, Los Angeles Times
1979 fellows
  • Noah Adams
    Co-host, writer, editor, National Public Radio “All Things Considered,” Washington, DC
  • Ricardo Ampudia
    Director general, HOY, Lomas Altas, Mexico
  • Ross Anderson
    City Hall reporter, Seattle Times
  • Diana Diamond
    Managing editor & suburban coordinator, Lerner Newspapers, Illinois
  • Gregory Graze
    Staff writer, Dallas Times Herald
  • Ann Hayward
    Associate producer & producer/director/writer, ABC TV News, Documentary Division, New York
  • Ronnie Hess
    Executive producer, WHA Radio, Wisconsin
  • Susan Jetton
    State Capitol correspondent, Charlotte (NC) Observer
  • Jacek Kalabinski
    Foreign affairs commentator, Polish Radio & TV, Warsaw, Poland
  • Richard Knox
    Medical editor, Boston Globe
  • Stewart McBride
    Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor, Boston
  • Jane Samz
    Associate editor, Science World, New York (Science writing fellow)
  • Cary Stiff
    Co-owner, editor & publisher, Clear Creek (CO) Courant
  • Daniel Sullivan
    Theater critic, Los Angeles Times
  • Peter Sussman
    Assistant news editor, San Francisco Chronicle