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The 1960s: Fellowship program launches

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Forming Fellowships

Mid-career journalists come to Stanford.


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New Fellowship Program for Professional Journalists

The John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships program was founded in 1966, as the Stanford Professional Journalism Fellowships program. After initial funding from the Ford Foundation, news organizations and the National Endowment for the Humanities, the program was put on a permanent, self-sustaining basis beginning in 1984 with a $4 million grant from the Knight Foundation.

Highlights from the Stanford Daily Archive



Faculty who taught in the 1960s:

  • William B. Blankenburg, 1966-1967, Advertising
  • Bruce Bliven, 1957-1960
  • Henry S. Breitrose, 1963-1965, 1966-2015, Experiment in Broadcasting and Film; History of Film; Seminar in Broadcasting and Film
  • James Everett Brinton, 1953-1965, Advertising and Media Research; Media and Opinion Management; Legal Aspects of Journalism
  • Herbert Brucker, 1966-1969
  • Richard F. Carter, 1958-1965, 1985-1986, Content Analysis; Attitude Measurement
  • Godwin C. Chu, 1966-1968, Survey of Communication Research Methods; International Communication; Processes and Effects of Communication
  • David G. Clark, 1966-1967, Editorial Techniques; Legal Aspects of Journalism; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Don H. Coombs, 1968-1973
  • Paul John Deutschmann, 1954-1955, 1959-1960, Reporting of Public Affairs; Media of Mass Communication; Theory of Communication
  • Stanley T. Donner, 1963-1966, Communication and Society; History of Broadcasting, Broadcasting and Film Criticism; Behavioral Science in Broadcasting and Film
  • Jules Dundes, 1968-1992, The Broadcast Editorial; Broadcast Communication; Seminar in Government, Industry, and Consumer Relations in Broadcasting
  • Julius C. Duscha, 1967-1968
  • Alex Edelstein, 1959-1960, History of Anglo-American Journalism; International Communication
  • Richard Rees Fagen, 1962-1965, Legal Aspects of Journalism; International Communication
  • Grant Fairbanks, 1963-1965, Seminar in Speech Communication
  • Daniel E. Garvey, Jr, 1966-1967
  • David L. Grey, 1968-1973, Economics of Mass Media; Analysis of Documentary Evidence; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Aimee D. Leifer, 1968-1971, Developmental Communication
  • John David Lewis, 1963-1965, Theory of Broadcasting and Film; Practice in Broadcasting and Film; Experiment in Broadcasting and Film
  • Nathan Maccoby, 1960-1965, 1966-1992, Theory of Communication; Behavioral Science in Broadcasting and Film; Intro to Survey Research
  • Lyle M. Nelson, 1963-1985, 1986-1998, Problems of the Mass Media; Issues in Public Broadcasting
  • William J. Paisley, 1966-1985, Social Effects of Computer Communication; Advanced Data Analysis; Communication in Science and Technology
  • Edwin B. Parker, 1963-1969, 1970-1980, 1981-1990, Introduction to Information Science; Telecommunications Systems and Public Policy; Communication Research Methods
  • Templeton Peck, 1963-1975
  • Harry N. Press, 1968-1989, Editorial Techniques
  • William L. Rivers, 1963-1968, 1969-1996, Humor as Communication; Magazine Editorial Techniques; Reporting of Public Affairs
  • Merrill Ernest Samuelson, 1959-1963, Editorial Techniques; Mechanics of Publishing; Introduction to Media Research
  • Wilbur Schramm, 1955-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1988, Communication and Persuasion; Theory of Communication; International Communication
  • Kenneth N. Stewart, 1932-1934, 1968-1969, 1974-1978, News Writing; Copy Reading; American Journalism
  • George C. Stoney, 1966-1967
  • Janet K. Voelker, 1966-1970, Writing for Broadcasting and Film; Broadcast Communication
  • Eugene J. Webb, 1968-1994

In Memoriam:

Henry Churchill, (1902–1960)

Course offerings in the 1960s:

1960 - Stanford Bulletin 1961 - Stanford Bulletin 1962 - Stanford Bulletin 1963 - Stanford Bulletin 1964 - Stanford Bulletin
1965 - Stanford Bulletin 1966 - Stanford Bulletin 1967 - Stanford Bulletin 1968 - Stanford Bulletin 1969 - Stanford Bulletin


Books by faculty in the 1960s:

PhD Research:

Class Year PhD Graduate Dissertation Topic
1960 Jonathan Page Lane Smokers’ reactions to a television program about lung cancer: a study of dissonance
1960 Edwin Burke Parker The functions of television for children
1960 Robert Mandell Pockrass Effects on learning of continuous and interrupted exhibition of educational television programs
1960 Merrill Ernest Samuelson Some news-seeking behavior in a newspaper strike
1961 Lauren Edgar Crane A comparison of the immunization effects of implicit and explicit presentation of counter-arguments
1961 John Luther Hayman, Jr. A comparison of three presentation methods in educational television instruction
1961 David Lawrence Sanders the intensity of newspaper content preferences
1963 Godwin C. Chu Culture, personality, and persuasibility
1964 Ernest Daniel Rose Attitude as a function of discrepancy resolution in multiple channel communication
1964 Ray L. Sweigert Information seeking as a function of cognitive imbalance in a decision situation
1965 Henry S. Breitrose The effect of distraction in attenuating counterargument
1965 Steven H. Chaffee Two sources of value change: salience and pertinence
1965 Alan Elsas Mayers The effects of student location and teacher role on learning from instructional television
1965 William J. Paisley Extent of information-seeking as a function of subjective certainty and the utility of the information
1965 W. Lee Ruggles The effects of order and structure when two competing persuasive messages are presented together
1965 Phillip J. Tichenor Communication and knowledge of science in the adult population in the US
1966 Maxwell E. McCombs Role of television in the acquisition of language
1966 Eugene F. Shaw An intra-India analysis of selected communication-development variables
1966 Serena Eble Wade An exploration into the media behavior of the creative adolescent
1967 George A. Comstock Gaining compliance for educational change from teachers in a developing country
1967 Thomas D. Cook Attitude change as a function of the interaction of reception and source competence
1967 G. Ray Funkhouser Effects of differential encoding on recall
1968 William Burl Blankenburg Community press councils
1968 Cedric Coles Clark Dispute settlement in Tanzania: a model of system support through the communication of legitimacy
1968 Don Henry Coombs Individual cognitive structuring and information assimilation
1968 Roger Lee Garrett Developmental changes in the effects of communicator position on attitude change
1968 Donald Frank Roberts A developmental study of opinion change: source-orientation versus content-orientation at three age levels
1968 Peter Nathaniel Sherrill Information acquisition in scientific specialties differing in age, size and theoretical status
1969 David Alfred Lingwood Interpersonal communication, research productivity, and invisible colleges
1969 Richard Harald Orth The acquisition of attitudes as an instrumental conditioned response with consideration of the developmental aspects of the effects of delayed reinforcement
1969 James W. Tankard The connotative meaning of the eye contact cue to a perceiver

Embedded Journalists

Professional Journalism Fellows

1967 fellows
  • Paul Beers 
    Columnist, editorial writer, Patriot-News, Pennsylvania
  • Donald Bishoff 
    General assignment reporter, Eugene (OR) Register-Guard
  • William Brown 
    South Suncoast bureau chief, St. Petersburg (FL) Times
  • Charlotte Buchen 
    General assignment reporter, Arizona Republic
  • Jerry Carroll 
    Education writer, general assignment reporter, Evening Outlook, Santa Monica, CA
  • James Cattey 
    Copy editor, telegraph desk, The Milwaukee Journal
  • Christopher Dafoe 
    Editorial writer, drama critic, Winnipeg Free Press, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Robert DeWall 
    Newsman, AM/TV, Duhamel Broadcasting, Rapid City, SD
  • Paul Emerson 
    Arts editor, Palo Alto (CA) Times
  • Myron Feinsilber 
    Newsfeature writer, United Press International, New York
  • Gene Gisley 
    Editorial page writer, Ventura County (CA) Star-Free Press
  • Soma Golden 
    Assistant economics editor, Business Week, New York
  • Ronald Haggart 
    Columnist, Toronto Daily Star, Toronto, Canada
  • Lisa Hobbs 
    Special assignments writer, San Francisco Examiner
  • Thomas Hodson 
    Writer, reporter, producer, ABC News (WBKB), Chicago
  • Dwight Jensen 
    Assistant news director, KBOI AM-FM-TV, Boise, ID
  • Laurence Jolidon 
    General assignment reporter, Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle
  • Noel Lieberman 
    General assignment reporter, The Oakland Tribune
  • Richard Lyneis 
    Business and financial editor, The Post-Crescent, Appleton, WI
  • Wayne MacDonald 
    Reporter/assistant city editor, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Robert Marshall 
    County news editor, Riverside (CA) Press & Enterprise
  • Arthur McAloon 
    Day news editor, UPI Radio, New York
  • Ted Natt 
    News editor, editor of the editorial page, Longview Daily News, Oregon
  • Frank Real 
    Business, industry, & federal offices reporter, Springfield (MA) Daily News
  • William Robbins 
    Editorial page editor, Wisconsin State Journal
  • Andy Rocchia 
    Art editor, Oregon Journal
  • Ray Rogers 
    Reporter, Los Angeles Times
  • Hy Rosen 
    Editorial cartoonist, Albany (NY) Times-Union
  • Arnold Rosenfeld 
    Book editor, editorial writer, The Houston Post
  • Frank Santiago 
    City Hall reporter, The Hutchinson (KS) News
  • Austin Scott 
    Reporter specializing in civil rights, Associated Press, New York
  • Judith Stone 
    Editor, Daily Datebook, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Thomas Teepen 
    Editorial writer, The Dayton (OH) Daily News
  • Thomas Wilkinson 
    Legislative correspondent, Albany (NY) Times-Union
  • Raymond Wong 
    News editor, The Independent, Pasadena, CA
  • Don Woodward 
    Business editor, Deseret News, Salt Lake City
  • John Yago 
    Education editor, The Charleston (WV) Gazette
1968 fellows
1968 fellows
1969 fellows
  • Donald Angel 
    Reporter, Orange County bureau, Los Angeles Times
  • Bernice Buresh 
    Reporter, The Milwaukee Sentinel
  • Malcolm Cross 
    Reporter, editor, announcer, KGW-TV, Portland, OR
  • Nolan Davis 
    Staff correspondent, Newsweek, Los Angeles
  • Ron Dorfman 
    Reporter, Chicago’s American
  • Moira Farrow 
    Reporter, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Keith Felcyn 
    Chicago bureau manager,Business Week
  • Wade Greene 
    Associate editor, Newsweek, New York
  • Leonard Greenwood 
    General assignment reporter, Los Angeles Times
  • Allan Hale 
    Columnist, St. Louis Globe-Democrat
  • Nancy Harris 
    Federal reporter, The Wichita (KS) Eagle
  • Norman Kempster 
    Assistant Sacramento (CA) bureau manager, United Press International
  • Robert King 
    Assistant managing editor, The Minneapolis Star
  • Bill Kovach 
    Capitol Hill reporter, The Nashville Tennessean
  • Theron Liddle 
    Managing editor, Deseret News, Salt Lake City
  • Ron Martin 
    Managing editor, Today Newspaper, Florida
  • Nina McCain 
    Education reporter, Boston Globe
  • James McDaniel 
    Assistant managing editor, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN
  • Jeff Morgan 
    Staff writer, Oakland Tribune
  • Samuel Newlund 
    Staff writer, Minneapolis Tribune
  • Craig Palmer 
    Staff writer, Dayton (OH) Daily News
  • Douglas Parker 
    Political writer, The Salt Lake (UT) Tribune
  • Peter Shaw 
    Reporter, foreign desk, United Press International, London, England
  • Douglas Turner 
    City editor, special projects, Buffalo (NY) Courier-Express
  • Christopher Wren 
    Senior editor, Look Magazine, New York
1969 fellows
  • Joseph Adcock 
    Writer, Sunday Magazine, Philadelphia Bulletin
  • Alan Anderson 
    Columnist, The Toronto Daily Star
  • Stan Atkinson 
    Newscaster and reporter, KTVU, Channel 2, Oakland
  • Gerald Bier 
    Reporter, Fresno (CA) Bee
  • Zika Bogdanovic 
    Editor, NIN, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • Donald Breed 
    Copy editor, substitute makeup editor, The Providence (RI) Journal
  • Van Cavett 
    Assistant city editor, The Louisville (KY) Times
  • Wayne Cowan 
    Editor, Christianity and Crisis, New York
  • Richard Coyle 
    Reporter, rewriteman, New York Daily News
  • Robert Danzig 
    Administrative assistant to executive editor, Capital Newspapers, Albany, NY
  • Patricia Doyle 
    Education editor, The Kansas City Star
  • Denby Fawcett 
    General assignment reporter, Honolulu Advertiser
  • José Ferrer 
    José Ferrer
  • Richard Handt 
    Assistant city editor, Van Nuys (CA) News & Valley Green Sheet
  • Joseph Harper 
    News editor, Suffolk Sun, Long Island, NY
  • Paul Hertelendy 
    Music critic, Oakland Tribune
  • Ed Higgins 
    Editorial writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • W. Grier Horner 
    City Hall reporter, The Berkshire (MA) Eagle
  • Don Hudson 
    Columnist, feature writer, Today Newspaper, Florida
  • Peter Kilborn 
    Staff correspondent, McGraw-Hill World News, Paris Bureau
  • David Meissner 
    Copy editor, The Milwaukee Journal
  • Thomas Morris 
    Rewrite, Newsday, Garden City, NY
  • Peggy Polk 
    Rewrite, NY National Desk, United Press International, Rome
  • George Ringwald 
    Reporter, Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise
  • Sharon Rosenhause 
    Rewrite, general assignment reporter, The Record, Hackensack, NJ
  • Thomas Sanford 
    City editor, Arizona Republic
  • Bill Sluis 
    City Hall reporter, Santa Barbara (CA) News-Press
  • William Smart 
    Executive editor, assistant general manager, Deseret News, Salt Lake City
  • Wendell Trogdon 
    City editor, The Indianapolis News
  • Brenton Welling 
    Transportation editor, Business Week, New York
  • Anna Lena Wik-Thorsell 
    Education writer, Svenska Dagbladet, Bromma, Sweden
  • William Workman 
    Staff reporter, Boston Globe