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Faculty Work

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Polarization and the Press

12 Ways to Restore Respect for Your Reporting

Stanford’s Journalism Program in the Department of Communication convened two formal conversations with editors from across the country to share challenges and surface solutions that have shown promise, with the goal of publicizing these ideas for adoption by other newsrooms.

Welcome to Agenda Watch

A platform to help journalists keep watch on local government

The new Agenda Watch platform, built by Big Local News at Stanford University and the Reynolds Journalism Institute, is now live to help journalists shine a light on local government. 

How to Responsibly Report on Hacks and Disinformation

10 Guidelines and a Template for Every Newsroom

Reporters are a targeted adversary of foreign and domestic actors who want to harm our democracy. And to cope with this threat, news organizations need to prepare for another wave of false, misleading, and hacked information.