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2016 Computation+Journalism Symposium to be at Stanford this fall

Computation + Journalism

The 2016 Computation+Journalism Symposium will be in Stanford, California on Friday, Sept. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 1. It is co-sponsored by The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, the Stanford Computational Journalism Lab and the Stanford Journalism Program.

The two-day conference is a celebration and synthesis of new ways to find and tell news stories with, by and about data and algorithms. It is a venue to seed new collaborations between journalists and computer and data scientists: a bazaar for the exchange of ideas between industry/practice and academia/research.

We are pleased to invite submissions (papers and panels) that explore the interface between data and computer science and journalism. Submissions are due July 22, 2016.

Paper and panel submissions can fall into any one of four categories:

  • Stories, visualizations, or other interactive experiences exemplary of outstanding journalism produced about or with data, code, and algorithms.
  • Platforms that support journalistic work and which enable new ways of finding, producing, curating, or disseminating stories and other news content.
  • Research that explores a question of interest in journalism or information studies, or in data and computing science, as it relates back to journalism and news information.
  • Pedagogical innovations, describing how technology can be used in the teaching of journalism, or journalism can be used in the training in data and computer science and other branches of engineering.

More details about C+J 2016 at Stanford are online: