FEBRUARY 27, 2015 – The Stanford Journalism Program, the REVS Program at Stanford, and the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford hosted “Data Driven: Coding and Writing Transportation’s Future” on Feb. 13.

The conference focused on the changing landscape of vehicle and transportation related data, and the opportunities arising from it. Car manufacturers, tech companies, academics, and journalists all contributed to discussions about data and the evolution of automobility in three panels: data in the car, communication from or about the car, and car data as sensors of institutions.

The Stanford Journalism Program also unveiled DataDrivenStanford.org, a repository of valuable datasets and journalism related to the vehicles we drive and the transportation infrastructure.

If you missed attending the conference, you can watch the videos below via YouTube or download them on iTunes.

Stanford senior Peter Johnson also wrote a blog post about highlights from the conference: Read his story on the Revs Program at Stanford site.