Faculty News

March 2021

Marion Lewenstein, Stanford professor of communication (teaching), emerita, has died at 93

During her Stanford career, pioneering journalist and journalism teacher Marion Lewenstein was awarded a Dinkelspiel Award for Outstanding Service to Undergraduate Education and served as academic secretary of the Faculty Senate.

July 2020

Journalism professor Janine Zacharia reviews ‘Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth’

One of the most consequential unknowns is whether future presidents will believe they can lie with impunity, or if Donald Trump’s relentless mendacity will be an anomaly.

“Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth: The President’s Falsehoods, Misleading Claims and Flat-Out Lies” encapsulates the duplicity we’ve been subjected to these past 3½ years in a […]

October 2019

AP’s DataKit: Helping teams collaborate efficiently

Data projects have many moving parts, and coordinating all the pieces can be challenging even for one enterprising journalist, let alone an entire data team simultaneously pushing on multiple fronts.

To help bring sanity to their workflow, the Associated Press developed DataKit, a simple command line tool for setting up and syncing data analysis projects. […]

November 2018

James Hamilton looks at how presidents – past and present – have navigated relationships with the White House press corps


Last week, the White House suspended a reporter’s press credential after a tense exchange during a news conference. While some have called it an unprecedented move, Stanford communication scholar James Hamilton sees parallels to another U.S. president: Richard Nixon. In an interview with the Stanford News Service, Hamilton talks about the historical dynamic between […]

September 2018

Brenner and Tumgoren Bolster Stanford’s Focus on Public Affairs Reporting

Stanford University’s Journalism Program has added two nationally known journalists to its teaching faculty: R.B. Brenner and Serdar Tumgoren.

February 2017

Stanford faculty discuss President Trump and the media

Stanford faculty discussed press freedom, the emergence of fake news, journalism ethics, media economics and the overall challenges of reporting on the new administration.

October 2016

Director Jay Hamilton publishes book on economics of investigative reporting

"Democracy's Detectives" explores the economics of investigative reporting and the potential of computational journalism.

August 2016

Stanford Journalism Program’s guide to using virtual reality for storytelling — dos & don’ts

Geri Migielicz and Janine Zacharia write best practices and ideal scenarios for using VR/360-degree technology in storytelling that emerged from our inaugural immersive journalism class at Stanford.

July 2016

Gary Pomerantz’s sports journalism course teaches skills applicable across beats, fields

Now offered for the eleventh year in Winter 2017, lecturer Gary Pomerantz’s specialized writing and reporting course on sports will continue to prepare students with valuable communication skills.

California Civic Data Coalition named Knight News Challenge winner

Knight Foundation pledges $250,000 to boost open-source effort to ease analysis of money in state politics.