Guest Speakers: Journalists on Journalism

Journalists on Journalism The Graduate Seminar (Comm 291) provides a discussion forum for students and working journalists to present and exchange views on the most current and emerging trends, issues, and practices in the communications industry. Professional journalists and news experts are frequently invited as guests to share their expertise and practical insights relevant to the challenges impacting the rapidly changing media landscape. Student reporters produce podcasts and videos of these dynamic exchanges.

Spring - 2014

  • Sarah Wildman Video
    freelance journalist and visiting scholar, International Reporting Project
  • Helene Cooper Video
    White House Correspondent, The New York Times
  • Chris Taylor
    Editor, Mashable
  • Caroline O'Connor
    Designer in Residence, Google Ventures
  • George Dohrmann
    Investigative Reporter, Sports Illustrated
  • Kate Butler
    Vice president of Newspaper Markets, Associated Press

Winter - 2013

  • Latoya Peterson editor and 2012-13 Knight Fellow
  • Randall Keith Video
    Bay Area News Group digital managing editor
  • Nathan Thornburgh Video
    Time Magazine contributing writer
  • Bernard Goldberg
    Fox News commentator and author
  • Monika Bauerlein
    Mother Jones editor in chief
  • Mariam Semaan
    Head of RK Productions, Beirut, Lebanon, and 2012-13 Knight Fellow
  • T.G. Donlan Video
    Barron's Weekly editorial page editor
  • Musikilu Mojeed
    Premium Times managing editor, Abuja, Nigeria, and 2012-13 Knight Fellow

Fall - 2012

  • Mark Mazzetti Video
    The New York Times
  • Greg Scharff, Molly Stump
    Palo Alto Vice Mayor and City Attorney discuss the Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative
  • Nick Schmidle Video
    The New Yorker
  • Bruce Koon, Katrina Schwartz Video
    KQED News Director and Community Manager
  • California Death Penalty Repeal Ballot Initiative
    Judge LaDoris Cordell, Lawrence C. Marshall, Stephen Wagstaffe
  • John Sawyer
    Director, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
  • Linton Weeks
    National Correspondent NPR / Digital Media

Spring - 2012

  • Howard Mortman Video
    C-SPAN director of new media strategies
  • Christine Larson Video
    Accomplished freelance journalist and Stanford Communication PH.d student
  • Olivia Ma
    YouTube news manager
  • Clay Lambert Video
    Half Moon Bay Review editor
  • Tim O'Brien
    Huffington Post executive editor
  • Katy Newton and Sean Connelley Video
    Multimedia journalists
  • David Cohn founder
  • Georgia Wells
    Student, Stanford Graduate Program in Journalism, on her reporting experiences in Egypt

Winter - 2012

  • David Segal Video
    New York Times reporter and author of the "The Haggler" column
  • Christine Larson Video
    Accomplished freelance journalist and Stanford Communication PH.d student
  • John Diaz Video
    Editorial page editor of the San Francisco Chronicle
  • Masood Farivar Video
    Afghan journalist
  • Arieh O'Sullivan Video
    Former AP reporter and now editor of the The Media Line, an online site offering news from the Middle East
  • William McGurn Video
    Columnist for the Wall Street Journal and speechwriter for Rupert Murdoch
  • Dan Gillmor
    Dan Gillmor, journalist, author, columnist and citizen journalism advocate

Fall - 2011

  • Allison Silver Podcast
    Opinion Editor - Politico
  • Bruce Koon and Molly Samuel
    News Director and Community News Coordinator, KQED
  • Ryan Lizza Video
    Washington Correspondent - The New Yorker
  • Andy Van de Voorde Video
    Executive Associate Editor - Village Voice Media Holdings
  • T. Christian Miller Video
    Knight Fellow, senior reporter, ProPublica
  • Yochi Dreazen Video
    Senior Correspondent - National Journal
  • Queena Kim and Reyhan Harmanci
    Community Editor and Culture Editor - The Bay Citizen
  • Justin Ferrell
    Director of Digital, Mobile and New Product Design, The Washington Post
  • Michael Shear
    The Caucus Blog - The New York Times
  • Tom Rosenstiel Video
    Director - Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism

Spring - 2011

  • Patrick "Paddy" Hirsch Video
    Knight Fellow, Senior Editor, Marketplace
  • Bec Hamilton Video
    Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting
  • Phuong Ly
    Knight Fellow, Freelance (covering minorities/ethnic groups)
  • Dan Gillmor Video
    Journalist, author ("We The Media" and "Mediactive")
  • David Leonhardt
    The New York Times
  • John Harris Video
    co-founder, The Politico and
  • John Markoff Video
    technology reporter, The New York Times
  • John McChesney
    NPR, Bill Lane Center for the American West

Winter - 2011

  • Saed Bannoura Video
    International Middle East Media Center
  • Dan Archer Video
    Comics journalist and Knight Fellow
  • Loretta Tofani Video
    Pulitzer-Prize winning former Washington Post reporter
  • Jigar Mehta Video
    Video journalist, The New York Times
  • Joan Biskupic
    Supreme Court reporter, USA Today
  • Danny O'Brien
    Internet advocacy coordinator, Committee to Protect Journalists
  • Beth Duff-Brown Video
    Deputy Asia editor, the Associated Press in Bangkok
  • Mike Pride Video
    Columnist and recently retired editor, the Concord Monitor

Fall - 2010

  • Helene Cooper
    White House Correspondent, The New York Times
  • Peter Maass Podcast
    Contributor, The New York Times Magazine, author: Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil
  • Queena Kim Podcast
    Community Editor; Steve Fainaru, Managing Editor, Bay Area Citizen
  • Kevin Skaggs Podcast
    Executive Producer, Executive Producer,
  • Tom Brokaw
    Generation Ageless: Longevity and the Boomers: Consequences for our World and Ourselves.
  • Tyche Hendricks Podcast
    Project Editor, KQED; author, The Wind Doesn't Need a Passport: Stories from the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
  • Ted Glasser Podcast
    Professor of Communication: Journalistic Ethics in the Digital Age
  • Jon Krosnick Podcast
    Professor of Communication: Midterm Election Review - Polls and Pundits
  • Wolf Blitzer
    CNN's The Situation Room, Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture
  • Eric Schmitt
    National Security Correspondent, The New York Times
  • Fred Barnes Podcast
    Washington Correspondent, The Weekly Standard

Spring - 2010

  • Mark Mazzetti
    Mark Mazzetti, national security affairs correspondent for the New York Times, co-winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting for coverage of America's expanding role in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • David Cohn Podcast
    David Cohn, founder of, the Bay Area community-funded reporting website; and Lindsey Hoshaw, freelance journalist and Stanford journalism master's program alum
  • Marcia Parker Podcast
    Marcia Parker, West Coast editorial director, and Michele Rabin, recruiter, for, a hyper-local community news website based in New York and owned by AOL
  • Chris Gaither, Jason Friedenfelds & Karen Wickre
    Chris Gaither, former LA Times business reporter, now a senior media spokesman; Jason Friedenfelds, manager, global communications and public affairs; and Karen Wickre, blogmeister and public affairs senior manager
  • Jonathan Weber
    Jonathan Weber, editor of the new, non-profit Bay Area News Project
  • Othman Laraki
    Othman Laraki, director of geo at Twitter
  • James Chadwick & Bert Robinson
    James Chadwick, lawyer for Sheppard Mullin specializing in First Amendment and access to public information issues; and Bert Robinson, managing editor, San Jose Mercury News
  • Christine Larson Podcast
    Christine Larson, independent freelance journalist and Knight Fellow

Winter - 2010

  • Sue Kwon
    Consumer affairs reporter, KPIX television

  • Liz Harper Podcast
    Writer on foreign affairs, United States Institute of Peace

  • Scott Johnson Podcast
    Lawyer, writer and founder of the Powerline Website

  • Ward Bushee Video
    Editor in chief, San Francisco Chronicle

  • Alfonso Cueller
    Editor-in-chief, Semana magazine, Bogotá, Colombia

  • Tom Ricks
    Author of Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq

  • Neil King
    Foreign correspondent, The Wall Street Journal

  • Paul Radu Podcast
    Freelance reporter and projects coordinator, the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism

  • Steve Luxenberg Podcast
    Reporter and editor, The Washington Post

  • Steve Coll
    Writer, New Yorker Magazine

Fall - 2009

  • Matt Bai Podcast
    National Political Reporter, The New York Times

  • Olivia Ma Podcast
    YouTube, News & Politics

  • Mark Katches, Louis Freedberg Podcast
    Center for Investigative Reporting, California Project
  • Joel Hyatt Podcast
    Vice Chairman, Current TV
  • Paul Steiger Video
    Editor-in-Chief, ProPublica

  • Maria Bartiroma Podcast
    NBC, The Wall Street Journal Report
  • Joanna Pearlstein Podcast
    Senior Editor, Wired
  • Maureen Fan Podcast
    Beijing Bureau Chief, The Washington Post
  • Richard Gingras Podcast
    CEO, Salon Media Group
  • Andrea Kissack Podcast
    Senior Editor, Quest/ KQED


  • Andrew Haeg Podcast
    Producer, American Public Radio
  • Hampton Sides Podcast
    Editor, Outside Magazine
  • Karl Vick Podcast
    Reporter, New York Times
  • Diane Cardwell Podcast
    Reporter, New York Times
  • Michael Isikoff Video
    Investigative Journalist

  • Helene Cooper Video
    Reporter, The New York Times

  • Craig Newmark Video
    Founder, Craigslist

  • Yochi Dreazen Podcast
    Reporter, Wall Street Journal
  • Eric Schmidt Video Podcast
    CEO, Google