Stanford Journalism alumni are telling stories at newsrooms across the world, from The New York Times to The Washington Post to The Verge.


Farida Jhabvala Romero, MA '15

Farida Jhabvala Romero, MA ’15, KQED

“I got to go a lot deeper with the stories I did here because I was able to use multimedia and data, in addition to the skills I had before. Those additional tools help you become a better storyteller.”

Allison McCartney, MA '15

Allison McCartney, MA ’15, ProPublica

“What I really learned about storytelling here is how to construct a narrative reported over a length of time, which is something I had never done before.”

Carolina Wilson, MA '15

Carolina Wilson, MA ’15, Bloomberg

“I think as long as I’m telling a story, that’s where I want my career to be. I think there are so many different outlets for that now and Stanford has given me so many tools to pursue those outlets.”

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    Nicole Perlroth (MA '08)

    Nicole Perlroth (MA ’08), Carolyn Zhang (MA ’16)

    Josh Hicks (MA '11), Chelsea Janes (MA '13), Thomas Johnson (MA '14)

    Josh Hicks (MA ’11), Chelsea Janes (MA ’13), Thomas Johnson (MA ’14)

    Marianne LeVine (MA '14)

    Marianne LeVine (MA ’14)

    Eric Johnson (MA '12)

    Eric Johnson (MA ’12)

    Stanford Journalism alumni at The Wall Street Journal

    Alexandra Wexler (MA ’11), Georgia Wells (MA ’12), Riva Gold (MA ’13)

    Carolina Wilson (MA '15)

    Carolina Wilson (MA ’15), Travis Shafer (MA ’16)

    Lauren Goode (MA '14), Vjeran Pavic (MA '14)

    Lauren Goode (MA ’14), Vjeran Pavic (MA ’14)

    Farida Jhabvala Romero (MA '15), Lindsey Hoshaw (MA '09)

    Lindsey Hoshaw (MA ’09), Farida Jhabvala Romero (MA ’15)

    David Smydra (MA '07), Stacie Chan (MA '10), Sabrina Elfarra (MA '15)

    David Smydra (MA ’07), Stacie Chan (MA ’10), Sabrina Elfarra (MA ’15), Ana Santos (MA ’16)

    Tre'vell Anderson (MA '14)

    Tre’vell Anderson (MA ’14)

    Daniel Bohm (MA '11)

    Daniel Bohm (MA ’11)

    Christina Farr (MA '11)

    Christina Farr (MA ’11)


    Alumni work from newsrooms across the world:

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